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  1. God I used to hate that Ice, that was like playing frisbee with a retarded kid. Anyways, If I sit with one leg folded under me, I play like crap, so both feet have to be on the floor. I also have to move the cursor completely off of the gens window, or else I'll almost certainly lose And I have to put my contacts in to play
  2. Ok, how bout this one: a player's faceoff success rate depends on whether he's a natural center(per the default version of the game)
  3. Wow. And I thought my homeowners association payments were a scam
  4. Has anybody else noticed that when a player is supposedly "hot" he has an off game? Many times my hot player shoots wide at empty nets and stays in the penalty box. I've also pulled many a hot goalie
  5. Me thinks Hokk/Frey could be an upset in the making(sorry Frey) Of course this is all dependent on Hokk's state of intoxication
  6. Stemming from Donny's post about player's pass receiving abilities, I thought I'd make a post about weird things you guys have noticed while playing. For example, I'm convinced that the final second of a period is longer than the others-I can't tell you how many times I've been scored on with one(or zero) seconds remaining- because I didn't think my opponent possibly had enough time to score. Feel free to post your thoughts on any bizarre observances(real or imagined) you've had about the game
  7. All I know is that my players become total retards at receiving passes in the last few minutes of games.
  8. Happy Berfday Ice!! One step closer to becoming the 1st NHL94 member in his 40's
  9. Np Possible, I haven;t tried that tho-I just keep it old school till i'm done playin
  10. I had the exact same problem on my vista laptop-drove me crazy It's the resolution-change it to 800x600 Rt click on desktop>graphics properties>screen resolution Same thing to change back when done
  11. Umm Idk. I dl'd the gens version that you provided in your tutorial, played with that. I thought that was a netplay version BTW, I won't be around till the weekend, prob Sunday if we need to replay
  12. I tried to do that, but when i F5 it, it tells me I can't save state during netplay, I have to close kaillera and rom 1st WTF???
  13. I'm not only old, but old school Goalie, wood, Louisville, CCM, Bauer, no allegiance to any brand-I could stop em with a broom stick!!!!
  14. Nice recap smo. An intense series that had me cursing out loud throughout. Game 5 was like bizarro-world ggs
  15. Dude, cmon-Hokk is gonna rock people's world with that smart, light TB team. ps-sorry Ice, I'm apparently retarded
  16. Hey if one of these dudes flakes, I'll gladly take Tampa Bay
  17. LoL preparing for a wedding? No worries, just let the wife to be/in laws take care of everything-things will somehow work out, trust me
  18. Is your shitty connection any better?
  19. Jrod(WSH)-out Won't have the time to get all the games in
  20. First wow, then how? All hail clock, the community's resident genius.
  21. Just remember, boy-opinions are like a**holes
  22. Vista here. I dl'd DOSBOX, followed the tutorial, and the s**t still didn't work , so I gave up and broke something in frustration.
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