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  1. Can't score in 94 like you can in 94? Calm down and relax before you start typing then read what you actually posted. You messed your own Rob and Scott Niedermayer post too.
  2. Sorry, quite slow. Rosters are almost 90% done. Still waiting on some things from a few friends. Hang tight, I am too.
  3. WOW. How gay and hilarious is that video? Look at poor Al in the back - looks like he mouthed 'just shoot me now' at one point.
  4. Hurray for the old farts - 32 here.
  5. Yes, the fat man skates again! Awesome job bro.
  6. The best goalie in the league - 'Shitface' for the kings.
  7. Very cool. i'd like to try something less intrusive. Just a little darker then the ice or something.
  8. Also just so you and everyone else know, if you open any year in NOSE [wboys editor] and save it, it automatically gets rid of the checksum. Pretty easy.
  9. Sorry buddy, just saw this. Too late I guess.
  10. mackhockey[at] I'd like to have a look at it bro.
  11. Anyone have a rom hack with really small indicators. Small little circles or something?
  12. and he did the same thing in Junior [wouldn't report to S.S. Marie] and WE went on to appear in 3 straight Memorial Cups winning it my first year of Junior up there. Thank Eric for the ring. Lesson for big kids: Learn to skate with your head up. Eventually everyone will be strong and big.
  13. Very cool. Again, good luck with everything.
  14. Wow, insane. Good luck man. I've been slowly working on a mid 80's one. The rosters will take a long time.
  15. A fantastic write up. Someone change Gretzky's diaper.
  16. Just home from the hospital after breaking my nose for the third time [ thanks to a crosscheck to the face} I am acutally quite pissed off. Anyone else have broken bones. I allso have over two hundred stitches to the body too. At least I got the GW!!! Hockey 4 ever boyz. Mack
  17. mack

    Player numbers

    Yeah the rosters in 96-98 need that. It took me a long time to figure that one out years ago when I did my 96 hack.
  18. mack

    Player numbers

    Format 'reset' the rosters in the player transactions menu in-game or erase the 'nhl98 file' gens makes it's folder.
  19. Believe it or not, I've been working on one of these too. Ah 'free time', I vaguely remember it.
  20. The banners look bang on though. Also great job on all the logos. They look really sharp. One question though: why do you have the old nhl logo at center ice?
  21. Slapper, great rom. Nice job. Love the goaliemask symbol at the start. I really like the banners and font, they look really familiar.
  22. Looks like a floppin Haske out there. Your D-man made one nice block for you. Wicked saves bro.
  23. A great first attempt. Keep it up.
  24. Those look quite nice. Real nice job guys.