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Chicago beats New York in 7


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1 - NYI (angryjay93) vs 8 - CHI (Zalex1414)

Season Series: NYI 4-0

Prediction: NYI 4-1

Comments: New York takes it's regular season momentum and goes right through Chicago as Roenick only has enough fire power for 1 win.

1 - NYI (angryjay93) -950

8 - CHI (Zalex1414) +950

Season Series: NYI 4-0

Prediction: NYI 4-2

The path of the righteous man (Me, AJ) is beset on all sides by the iniquities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men (The rest of you Wackers in the playoffs).

Blessed is he (Me again, AJ) who in the name of charity and goodwill shepherds the weak (Nieuwendyk, Ruuttuu, and Zezel) through the valley of darkness, for he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children (Musil and Manson).

And I (God of NHL 94, or OMGA as I like to call him) will strike down upon thee (Wackers & Jackers) with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know my name is the Lord (OMGA) when I lay my vengeance upon thee (Dead Wackers & Jackers).

What the story doesnt tell, is that I believed in Ga and Ga believed in Me.


Game 1 : The blackhawks scored 2 goals in the first period and even if the islanders fought back all game, they never were able to take the lead once. NYI did tied the game with two minutes left to play in the third but Roenick, the game hero with 4 goals, scored the GWG with less than a minute left to the game. Final Score 5-4 CHI

Game 2 : The islanders certainly didn't want to leave New York with a 0-2 deficit, but instead of fighthing back all game, like they did in game 1, they collapsed. For a 2nd game in a row, Roenick was the first star of the game (5goals, 1assist). Add to that Potvin that allowed only 2 goals, and you've got an easy victory for the hawks. Final Score 7-2 CHI

Game 3 : New York wasnt near to give up after only 2 games. They played a much tigher game which held Roenick to only 1 goal. Verbeek was also able to score three times against Potvin who didnt play as sharp as in game 2. Final Score 5-3 NYI

Game 4 : Back in the series with their victory, the islanders started the game at full speed taking a 3-1 lead after two periods of play. Chicago came back, but with under one minute left to 3rd period,Verbeek scored, what appeared to be a huge goal, giving New York a 4-3 lead. Then the unthinkable happened, Roenick was allowed a penalty shot with 15 seconds left to the game and scored to tie it at 4-4. With the crowd going nuts in Overtime, Roenick made a beautiful pass to Richer, who one timed the puck pass Belfour to win the game. Final Score 5-4 O.T. CHI

Game 5 : Being down 1-3 after 4 games, the Islanders took their game to a hole new level back in their hometown. Nieuwendyk had his best game of the series with 7 points and helped his team to rapon the hawks. Chicago didnt stick to their gameplan, cheating too much in the offensive zone, leaving Potvin all alone. Final Score 10-4 NYI

Game 6 : In game 5, a total of 14 goals were scored, a series high. But game 6 was all about Trapon. Both goalies, Potvin and Belfour all played their best game of the series, getting both a star at the end. But the real hero of the game was Nieuwendyk who scored the two goals of his team. Final Score 2-1 NYI

Game 7 : Exactly like game 4, Verbeek scored with near one minute left to the third, which looked like once again to be a huge goal, giving New York a 4-3 lead. Still, exactly like game 4, Roenick rushed to the offensive zone and scored a beauty to tie the game with only 16 seconds left to the clock. In overtime, both coaches almost died from a heart attack due to the quantity of scoring chances by both teams. After three minutes of play in OT, Curtis Leschynchyn was able to take his own rebound and shoot the puck over Belfour, sending all GA-fans across the world in to a frenzy. Final Score 5-4 O.T. CHI


(Its probly not as good as SOH writeups but I R french)

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This Blitz A playoffs are shaping out totally different. Guess this is one league AJ won't conquer this year.

Zalex has done great. We're going to have to give him a PRRRROMOTION!

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Believe in GA!!!!!!!!

this is truly the toughest lg in terms of parity ive ever seen, and its proving true in the playoffs, top 3 seeds are out. And some huge upsets along the way.

congrats, and GA

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The guy who choked every year in B takes out AJ!

Crazy times..

Conn Smythe already awarded* to Roenick

*not actually yet

Mario saw that and just printed out 15 copies to cover the bulletin board with

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A great series, can't say I didnt have my chances to sew it up. No shame in losing a series like this to a guy who played as well as Zalex. Good luck to you the rest of the way.

ouch ! AJ goes out in snes and blitz ,whats next ? classic gens loss?

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