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The New SNES '94 Draft League


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Hello everyone, I want to create this league, but this time the draft will be from the website. Savestate system will be implemented. The league will look like the blitz league created by smozoma.

Hamachi group : network : SDL94, password : SDL94



xot82 - Pittsburgh

c4outlaw -Quebec

cjgarnet - Toronto

danlizhot - Edmonton

fank009 - Vancouver

houly - Philadelphia

fenty - LA

pondhcky - Montreal

the90jacket - Boston

boknowsnhl94 - Buffalo

TonyTwist - Winnipeg

matticefire - Detroit

BobKudelski - Chicago

stheds2000 - San Jose


Waiting list





quit/replaced coach






For the coach I need a confirmation if you board. For others, you can register for the waiting list. League takes a maximum of 14 coach for 78 games.

Coach, i need with your confirmation, your coach name you want, and the team you want. The draft will be start after all 14 coach will confirm. If i got no response, the first on the waiting list take the team.

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Name: Iceguy94

Team: Chicago

I shed a manly tear no sooner I saw that a SNES draft league will be made. Never thought I'd see the day!

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dan_lizhot for nhl94.com member of the year!

The man´s a machine! Record holder for most games played in a classic season in about 4 different leagues, creator of 2 94 league websites..............................GET A JOB DAN!!!!!!! lol

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i'll give the this a go too even tho i suck at snes give me the whalers

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