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SDL 4 rounds 5 and 6


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5.01 fank009 - Steve Larmer

5.02 Bob Kudelski - Slava Fetisov

5.03 Bo Knows NHL94 - Grant Fuhr

5.04 Brutus - Felix Potvin

5.05 Blackdevil19 - Stephane Richer (forward)

5.06 kingraph - Russ Courtnall

5.07 c4outlaws - Bob Essensa

5.08 fenty - Dino Ciccarelli

5.09 XCing 1030 - Joe Nieuwendyk

5.10 Hazmat 13 - Eric Weinrich

5.11 annatar - Peter Bondra

5.12 oilers442 - Mike Ridley

5.13 stheds2000 - Dimitri kristich

5.14 jackandjose - Vladimir Ruzicka

5.15 nhl94halifax(12 PM Sunday)-Alexei Zhamnov

Round 6

6.01 nhl94halifax(1 PM Sunday)- Brian Bellows

6.02 jackandjose(2 PM Sunday - Richard Smehlik

6.03 stheds2000(3 PM Sunday - David andreychuk

6.04 oilers442(4 PM Sunday) - Curtis Joseph

6.05 annatar(5 PM Sunday)- Tim Cheveldae

6.06 Hazmat 13(6 PM Sunday)- Tom Barrasso

6.07 XCing 1030(7 PM Sunday) - Cliff Ronning

6.08 fenty(8 PM Sunday) - Tommy Soderstrom

6.09 c4outlaws(9 PM Sunday) - Gord Murphy

6.10 kingraph(10 PM Sunday)- Fredrik Olausson

6.11 blackdevil19(11 PM Sunday) - Kirk McLean

6.12 Brutus(12 AM Sunday) - Kjell samuelsson

6.13 Bo Knows NHL94 - Calle Johansson

6.14 Bob Kudelski - Bill Ranford

6.15 fank009 -

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It probably should be noted that blackdevil and fenty picked in the wrong thread.


blackdevil took stephane richer

fenty takes dino ciccarelli

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ok Annatar has submitted his pick in advance to the commissioner. As deputy commissioner it is my pleasure to announce that in the 5th round of the 2015 NHL94 Fantasy Draft, theMontreal Canadiens select -

Peter Bondra

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Halifax steps up to the podium.

Halifax: Just wanted to say thanks again for everyone coming out to the draft today and making their picks, really can't say thanks enough. I'd like also like to thank Hazmat13 for the google docs and ask him to come up and make our next pick.

Fenty steps over to the podium.

Fenty: Hee hee, Sorry about that, I'm back, was just blazin hard and then I decided to repaint the living room. With the 45th pick the brookyn Islanders would like to select....(halifax taps him on the shoulder)

Halifax: Thanks for the help bud...Hazmat is here to make the next pick for me.

Fenty: I DEMAND AN EXHI! (Fenty is then escorted off stage by security.)

Hazmat: Hali you should really think about solidifying your back up goaltending...there are some great selections out there. Hayward is still available. Or I can trade Miles O'connor to you for this pick if ya want.

Halifax: Let me me think about it after these picks are made.

Hazmat: With the 75th selection that Halifax will die on, the Brooklyn Islanders select the following bud.


Halifax: Thanks hazmat for that pick and for getting him to sign the card as well.

Hazmat: No problem bud. Just checked again, Hayward is still available...you should pick him next.

Halifax: With our next pick we ask c4outlaws to come up and make the selection. And of course extra big thanks to C4 for making the rom.

Halifax to c4outlaws : Can you announce the next pick rap style with these lyrics?

Hands him a piece of piece of paper that says "I'd like to say Hellos, This guy's a fine fellows, he ain't no jellos, his name is..."

c4outlaws: I'll pass, your grammar doesn't work for me bud. With the 76th selection the Brooklyn Islanders select the following bud.


Halifax: Thanks c4....you're the best! I look forward to averaging 1.3 goals per game this year with the starting big three.

Just then Fenty rushes over and smashes the podium off it's moorings.

Fenty: Hee hee, had to Hali.

Halifax: And on that note, I'd like to thank everyone your time. Wanted to give a final shout out to Pagano, Graph, Oilers and Annatar. I look forward to competing with you all and leaving mid game when my kids start crying. My remaining picks will be submitted quickly and efficiently without further delays.

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I'll take Tim Cheveldae (picking late for round 6).

Sorry I didn't leave another picklist, this draft is super fast! Was off the grid all day.

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