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GDL XVI League Setup (Draft Done, Teams Locked)


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I will set up conferences some time this week.

Tampa Bay Lightning -> AJ

Brooklyn Americans -> Uncle Seth

Winnipeg Jets -> Zeppelin

LA Kings -> FlamingPavelBure

Quebec Nordiques -> Freydey

Calgary Flames -> Zalex

Montreal Canadians -> HABS

FLORIDA-> Vocally Caged

Nashville Predators -> Sebe

Chicago Blackhawks -> Brutus

Vancouver Canucks -> Houly

Philadelphia Flyers -> Sonoffett

Minnesota Northstars -> Skip

New York Rangers -> Darko

California Seals -> Ba55i5t

Dallas Stars -> TexasPachyderm

San Jose Sharks -> Lupz

St. Louis Blues -> Sicarius

Atlanta Thrashers -> Beavers

Colorado Avalanche -> Jackandjose

Toronto Mapleleafs -> Aqualizard

Pittsburgh Penguins -> LABS

Hamilton Tigers -> JackVandal

New Jersey Devils -> RoBro

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If anybody wants to swap teams I'd love to get out of Florida.

Plenty of open teams, Oilers, Blue Jackets Kings are a couple that come to mind.

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Can i have the nords back

Edit: if not give me Detroit...not Icestorm's shitty sabres please

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I'll give up Quebec to Freydey is he wants it


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Raph is on vacation for another week but said he'd help us with the ROM, so after he gets back, we can ask him what he will & won't have time to do in terms of custom jerseys, etc.

Continue to swap to original teams all you want, and ANY additional changes/requests are NOT guaranteed.

Thanks ahead of time to Raph.

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Going to give A & B conferences a try.


Skip, Ba55i5t, Tex, Beavers, Lupz & Jv/Sicarius all rate very similar to say Brutus (me), Fett or Houly/Sebe's (given their rust factored in).

However, success in the playoffs was the factor I went with. You have time to prove me wrong and get promoted and beat my arse in the regular season (which I NO DOUBT ba55i5t will do, as he has my number!)

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Final check -- gotta do this quick, all jerseys/logos will be same as previous unless noted below. If I missed something, let me know ASAP (like 48 hours max).

Atlanta Thrashers ------- beavers
Brooklyn Americans ------ Uncle Seth
Calgary Flames ---------- Zalex
California Golden Seals - ba55i5t (new)
Chicago Blackhawks ------ Brutus
Colorado Avalanche ------ J&J
Columbus Blue Jackets --- VC (new)
Dallas Stars ------------ Texas
Hamilton Tigers --------- JV (NOT PINK)
Los Angeles Kings ------- FPB (ORIGINAL)
Minnesota North Stars --- Skip
Montreal Canadiens ------ HABS
Nashville Predators ----- Sebe (new)
New Jersey Devils ------- RoBro
New York Rangers -------- Darko
Philadelphia Flyers ----- Sonoffett
Pittsburgh Penguins ----- LABS
Quebec Nordiques -------- Freydey (GDL 08 logo/jerseys)
San Jose Sharks --------- Lupz
St. Louis Blues --------- Sicarius
Tampa Bay Lightning ----- AJ
Toronto Maple Leafs ----- Aqualizard
Vancouver Canucks ------- Houly
Winnipeg Jets ----------- Zeppelin

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FPB wont a bet against me, so please change my HAM jerseys back to whatever they were when depch was using them.

I didn't particularly like those, so I made some new ones. Stuck with standard black pants, the white/beige pants was what was awful. Let me know if these are okay:


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