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  1. NHL95PC Jersey Compendium

    Looks great!
  2. Surviving Summer Website Feedback

    Since we're trying to make things easier... can we have a page with the rules, coaches (A,B,C), the teams (1,2,3), and include the teams HOME/AWAY ratings? To have that all in one place would make things much simpler.
  3. Offline due to idiot neighbor

    Guy's taking the whole 'cutting the cord' thing to the extreme.
  4. I've put together an NHL Play-off bracket challenge and will be posting the link as soon as the brackets are open. Free for all to join. League Name: Jer's 2017 Play-off Bracket Link: password: stanley
  5. You were the only one to call a repeat. Congrats bud - if I end up in Vegas, I'll buy you a beer to celebrate. Jer
  6. Surviving Summer

    In, thx Brute/Coach. Sweet rom.
  7. Would be nice to have a few roms for guys to use as starting points, standard, 30-team, pre-set team ratings etc...
  8. Great stuff Coach - nice to have all this stuff in one place. Goalie Stuff: Allow goalies to move further out of their crease (Hex Edit) Y-Button Goalie Hack (6-button, Instant goalie control hack)
  9. controller config help

    Is everyone using the same versions of kaillera? The download link you've got for gens.netplaysave may have an old version of kaillera installed, which you need to update with the new version from Downloads section of NHL94online. Jer
  10. B Finals are Over

    When we connected for our playoff games, the ping was something like 300+. Didn't want to hold things up - so we played it out.
  11. I feel like it's just the natural ebb/flow of hockey in general - spring/summer is just a slow time. We witness it almost every year - and it's the main reason that Classic is often turfed in the Spring. This community still blows me away. Playing a 90's console sports game, online vs players from around the world, with an extremely welcoming group of players who have torn it down to it's code to allow for draft leagues, updated roms, classic roms, olympic roms. There's even a new way to play in 2v2. The coolest thing though, is that many (or most) of the top players are super accessible. It really is a great group of guys. I think I'll make it my mission this summer to really try and track down some of the vets that I started with (Mind, Witt, Eggink, Dadonch etc..) and make sure that they stop in on DISCORD occasionally to say hello. Who knows, maybe they'll get the itch again. I truly believe that as technology continues to advance, that this community has the people to help push it ahead. My dream would be to have a emulator box, it's own internet connected console on which you could play/chat/stream emulated games all-in-one. Maybe it's a retro-pie, or an android box, but it would be a small inexpensive set-up that should only require being plugged-in.
  12. What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?

    I've got several Leafs jerseys, but never bothered to get name/numbers on them. Though I would have loved to get a Sundin or Roberts signature back when we lived near Toronto. I did get a kid-sized Gilmour jersey from Goodwill when we lived down there - my kids love it. I've got a Dallas Stars jersey that was given as a gift when I bought my motorcycle in Minneapolis. I also have a beautiful Team Canada jersey from Salt Lake. Today I'm looking at a Centennial Classic jersey, probably Matthews but undecided. ..also wish I could find the alumni 100 jerseys they wore in the Leafs/Wings alumni game.
  13. Playing head to head

    Good stuff guys, way better than the standard 'blow on your internet cable', or reinstall AOL from the disk.
  14. You are going to do a lot of little things to change your rom, I would suggest getting used to saving your rom with a new name everytime you make a major change. You at least have a backup of the last change made in case anything goes wrong - which can happen. Have fun. Jer
  15. Summer League

    If guys want to be tuned up for Classic and Vegas - then wouldn't you want a league that let you play a number of match-ups? Draft league is still only going to give you a limited pool of players to work with. That said, I'm up for anything especially if it has that A/B league. ETB got it right with the 2 game inter-conference player and 4 game in-conference play.
  16. Controllers of the Stars

    Used a Hori FC4 in Classic this year, but switched back to the MK-1653 for ETB and VHL4.
  17. KOHL 10th season

    I signed up for KOHL4 in the Spring of 2014, and have played 6 seasons of KOHL hockey as the Leafs. Because you don't get to actually "play" the games, your control over your team comes from drafting (brilliant online blind- bid system, 10 teams full NHL rosters completed in 4 rounds) and coaching. You set your line-ups online, and watch the simmed games live on USTREAM along with IRC chat. Can't recommend it enough.
  18. how to win faceoffs?

    Couple things to add. Momentum also seems to affect face-offs - and if it's against you, you are best to take a time-out or make a player change. I feel like your face-off win% is always much better after a time-out.
  19. how to win faceoffs?

    Nah. Players with good ST will win more than others, heavier players can also withstand more punishment in the face-off circle. My experience anyway. I'd like a list of faceoff plays and how to do them.
  20. In leagues with an A/B, I wonder if giving the B a home advantage would give a little boost to the weaker division in interleague play?
  21. WBF Team Rankings

    A lot of what Raph did in his rankings was looking at ADP and stats from GDL and Classic. Can we not do the same from Blitz and any recent WBF leagues?
  22. Link has been added. You'll need an NHL account to enter. Good luck guys!
  23. VHL4 Lines

    Washington Capitals Line 1: C: Backstrom LW: Ovechkin RW: Getzlaf LD: Holden RD: Shattenkirk X: Oshie G: Holtby Line 2: C: Getzlaf LW: Ovechkin RW: Oshie LD: Carlson RD: Carlson X2: Kuznetsov G2: Grubauer
  24. It's been a really fun ROM to exi and play - so I figured why not keep it going for guys who've been knocked out. 7 game series, winner can post the gamescores in this thread. Higher seed gets home-ice, series can be played 2-2-2-1. Seeds: TexasPachyderm JackandJose AquaLizard JackVandal AtomicRaven Jer_33 Chef