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  1. Premium Retro League

    Updated Leafs/Bruins for exis. PRLv3.bin
  2. Premium Retro League

    Toronto Maple Leafs LW - #9 Gordie Howe C - #11 Mark Messier RW - #6 Pelle Eklund (changed to #6) F4 - #17 Rod Brind'Amour F5 - #32 Steve Thomas LD - #3 James Patrick RD - #4 Scott Stevens D3 - #27 Scott Niedermayer D4 - #21 Sergei Zubov G - #35 Tom Barrasso
  3. Premium Retro League

    10.1 Boston takes F - Peter Stastny (as per discord chat) 10.2 Toronto takes F - Steve 'Stumpy' Thomas
  4. Premium Retro League

    8.2 Toronto D Scott Niedermayer
  5. Premium Retro League

    7.5 - Detroit takes F Mike Ridley
  6. Premium Retro League

    7.3 - Chicago - D Ken Daneyko
  7. Premium Retro League

    7.2 - Toronto - F Rod Brind'Amour
  8. Premium Retro League

    6.5 - Detroit - D Calle Johansson 6.6 - New York - G Don Beaupre
  9. Premium Retro League

    6.2 Toronto select: G - Tom Barrasso
  10. Premium Retro League

    5.2 Toronto selects James Patrick
  11. Premium Retro League

    4.5 - Detroit (ice): D - Larry Murphy
  12. Premium Retro League

    4.2 Toronto selects Pelle Eklund
  13. Premium Retro League

    3.2 Toronto selects Gordie Howe
  14. Premium Retro League

    2.2 - Toronto selects Scott Stevens
  15. Premium Retro League

    I had a hard look at Sawchuk as well, but didn't want to lose out on a top forward. Do we have an exi rom yet?
  16. Premium Retro League

    1.2 Toronto selects Mark Messier
  17. Premium Retro League

    Toronto plz.
  18. Premium Retro League

    Count me in for any CoachMac-run league.
  19. Anyone tried RetroArch?

    I've now got Retroarch running on an Android Box on my TV. Would be pretty cool if I could get netplay working.
  20. NHL'95 Expanded ROM Project

    So is your plan to try and include the additional teams in season mode, or just for regular play?
  21. PHI-NYR was an interesting choice in the Finals.. and the Eklund injury early in the game must've been a real heart-breaker. Something to be said for picking teams with very little depth.
  22. Can somebody give me the set-up for the TWITCH stream? I'm assuming the game was captured to a PC/laptop and output on a standard def VGA screen? How good is/was the camera that captures the players?
  23. Read a great account of the 1987 WJC Final game between Canada-Russia, which ended in a 2nd period bench clearing brawl and DQ'd both teams (robbing the Canadians of a medal in the process). Title: When the Lights Went Out: How One Brawl Ended Hockey's Cold War and Changed the Game (Gare Joyce) Lots of great stories about '94 legends Theoron Fleury (CGY), Alex Mogilny (BUF), Brendan Shanahan (STL) , Sergei Fedorov (DET), Slava Fetisov (NJD), Pierre Turgeon (NYI), Glen Wesley (BOS), Valeri Zelepukin (NJD), Jimmy Waite (CHI), Vladimir Konstantinov (DET), Steve Chiasson (DET), Chris Joseph (EDM), Luke Richardson (EDM), Yvon Corriveau (HFD), Mike Keane (MTL), Vladimir Malakhov (NYI), Greg Hawgood (PHI), Kerry Huffman (QUE), Dave McLlwain (TOR), Pat Elynuik (WAS), Evgeny Davydov (WPG). The Russian team was out of the medal-hunt, but Canada had lucked there way into a guaranteed bronze medal, but could upgrade themselves to a silver with a win or a gold if they beat Russia by 5 goals. they didn't have medal rounds like they have now, it was a round robin tournament using wins and goals to rank the teams for medals. It was a chippy game (to say the least), with many possible penalties occurring in the opening period, uncalled by the referee. It has been opined that this lack of 'control' is what allowed the game to get so badly out of hand. The opening goal was scored by Fleury, who proceeded to celebrate the goal by holding up his stick and shooting at the Russian bench. By the middle of the 2nd period, a fight brewed that eventually had all but three players on the ice (Turgeon being one of them) - the refs had no hope to break up all of the fights and did the only thing they could think of. They turned out the lights in the arena. The book's author does a great job of setting the scene, and follows it up with plenty of recent interviews with the players and coaches involved. It was shortly after this tournament that Mogilny defected, and many great Russian players followed. Here's a short history of the incident for those who were too young to have witnessed it.
  24. Hotel Rooms Discount Link

    Good deal guys, thanks. Personal attendance meter has moved 10-15%...
  25. Yeah, a personal list would be a must. Great idea though - one thing that may have slowed down KO94 (beyond having to hunt down your opponent), was often team selection. Would be nice to have guys cross out their match-up picks as well, to avoid playing one twice (if it's in the rules).