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  1. Online Etiquette Guide

    Love ya Coach. I wasn't thinking about the pause so much as I might be cutting the music short to get back to the face-off after a goal, because I can't tell when the music ends. As for actual time-outs - I am of the camp that believes a time-out actually resets momentum in a game. If I've just had 2 or 3 goals scored on me in quick succession - I know that for the rest of the period, my guys will be running around full fire-alarm, and that winning a face-off will become an impossible feat. A timeout (beyond giving the coach a reset) more often than not can give you the next face-off, and an opportunity to hold onto the puck for a bit. If I can say anything about changing player numbers - it's that there should be a hard/fast rule, no negotiating. In fact, maybe there should be a way to show that a common player has had his number changed in game. It would be cool if you could add a star, or an x to the players number on screen. s**t, could you ditch numbers for initials - or 3-4 letter acronyms? (Not asking for these roms to be changed, just wondering if it is possible). Great stuff coach.
  2. Online Etiquette Guide

    If I've cut the music short during any online games, it's probably because I have the sound turned off. I like to play to my own music, no offence to those that work so hard changing it. Truth be told, goals could be signalled by fart noises, and the crowd could be chanting "go Coach go", and I wouldn't know it.

    Have a look at an Everdrive: and have as many custom NHL94 roms as you'd like. Not to mention any other SNES roms you might own.
  4. Premium Retro League 2

    Playoff games/highlights with Brutus/Coach in the booth.
  5. Why no SNES ROM love recently???

    How hard would it be to just do a port of the updated Sega ratings for the SNES?
  6. Premium Retro League 3

    Did you know that the worst player in the NHL94 rom (Greg Smyth) had an unusual nickname?
  7. 100 Wins

    Tex also leads the way in the 500 loss club... or is that a thing?
  8. 2000 GOAL CLUB

    Today I learned that I have a winning record in OT games!
  9. Premium Retro League 3

    Maple Leafs LW - #16 Henri Richard C - #4 Jean Beliveau RW - #11 Mark Messier LD - #44 Dave Ellett (change to #44) RD - #26 Allan Stanley G - #31 Curtis Joseph X - #19 John Cullen LW - #19 John Cullen C - #11 Mark Messier RW - #19 John Cullen LD - #2 Bryan Marchment RD - #2 Bryan Marchment
  10. Premium Retro League 3

    4.6 - Toronto select D - Allan Stanley
  11. Premium Retro League 3

    3.6 Toronto selects (G) Curtis Joseph
  12. You have spreadsheet trust issues?
  13. Premium Retro League 2

    Congrats Raph. I think he should have to play season 3 with his bobbles..
  14. Error

    PC version?
  15. Premium Retro League 3

    Toronto keeps Messier.
  16. Premium Retro League 3

    Link to the draftsheet:
  17. Fightcade is basically a match-making program, a lobby for fight game enthusiasts. On the backend it uses an emulator called FBA, which was designed to run MAME games (actual ports of arcade games). It also uses a different technology to play P2P (GGPO), one that is supposed to be easier to set-up (no issues with routers, and no need to port forward). Recently it has been updated/upgraded to Fightcade 2, which promises many enhancements, specifically the addition of Sega Genesis emulation. On the reddit page for this project (it is in BETA as of Oct 27), I found a copy of the supported roms. NHLPA93, NHL 94-98 were all there, not to mention NBA Jam, Madden etc.. As it is in beta, it can only be tested by folks with older accounts (you need to register to play on Fightcade). Anyone here a member of Fightcade since 2014? We need a tester!
  18. Premium Retro League 3

    Count me in.
  19. VHL5 Line Combos

    TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS First Line: LW - (55) Mark Scheifele C - (29) Leon Draisaitl RW - (92) Jonathan Drouin LD - ( 6) Adam Larsson RD - (77) Victor Hedman G - (33) Cam Talbot X - (53) Jeff Skinner Second Line: LW - (92) Jonathan Drouin C - (53) Jeff Skinner RW - (9) Evander Kane LD - (5) Aaron Ekblad RD - (5) Aaron Ekblad G - (37) Connor Hellebuyck X - (39) William Nylander Bench:D - (44) Morgan Rielly
  20. VHL5 Draft

    Toronto selects William Nylander
  21. VHL5 Draft

    10.6 Toronto/Jer_33 select: Connor Hellebuyck
  22. VHL5 Draft

    9.6 Toronto/Jer_33 select: Evander Kane
  23. Plablegs DEUX

    Toronto or Calgary. You can give Toronto to Aqua, if he is in.
  24. VHL5 Draft

    7.4 NSH/Scamy select: Patrice Bergeron 7.6 Toronto/jer_33 select: Jeff Skinner
  25. VHL5 Draft

    6.5 Arizona/Adam selects: Ryan Johansen 6.6 Toronto/Jer_33 selects: Cam Talbot