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  1. It's that time of year again.. think you can pick the winners in each round? Think you know which series will be an upset? Prove it boi! Link: Password: stanley Join now, or wait until the playoff seeds are finalized and the NHL brackets go live. Good Luck!
  2. Going to try and solve the mystery of what occasionally happens to the jersey numbers on edited jerseys, when changing line-ups in game. This phenomena happens when you make changes to the jersey palettes in an editor such as the jed301b graphics editor, when updated in the league file the teams numbers disappear from the backs of their jerseys during in game line-up changes.
  3. jer_33

    NHL95PC - The mystery of the missing numbers

    Heh, it was a fleeting project. Perhaps I should take it up again this summer. It was rather involved, in that it required constant loading/reloading of the DOS file to test each individual jersey block, for each team in the game. Now that I've been called out, I'll have to reexamine my files. Doesn't help that my original image files were shared on dropbox, which has discontinued it's image sharing. (Fixed - uploaded all my image files to the boards)
  4. A few more photos I found on my phone.
  5. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    6/8, missed on Vegas and Boston.
  6. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    kgman's lag had him winning KO94-Toronto on the Monday.
  7. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    You can give yourself 80 frames of lag by inhaling or ingesting proper amounts of herb. Low-tech solutions are the best.
  8. jer_33

    Affordable Sega Genesis HDMI Console?

    Part of the challenge should be playing the game on a smaller and smaller screen as the tournament progresses. Winner takes all on Sears model 12" B&W TV, while lying down on shag carpet.
  9. jer_33

    Streaming Guide

    The other thing to consider, is bandwidth requirements. Tournaments are held in many different types of venues, hotels and conference centers, pubs, businesses and community centers. All of which likely have some form of internet - - but for best results, I would have to assume that a hardline would be best?
  10. jer_33

    Streaming Guide

    I really liked what Tom the Retro Gamer had set-up in Green Bay, did anyone find out what his set-up was? His screen template looked awesome (and custom), would like to know if he designed it himself. I've streamed using Ustream, and it has a nice and easy to navigate interface. The free version is limited, but could easily stream a screencap as well as a camera on the participant(s). Also provides a back-up copy on your PC. I've also streamed using Google Hangouts, which records and saves on Youtube. (link)
  11. jer_33


    Awesome, looking forward to it!
  12. Fightcade is basically a match-making program, a lobby for fight game enthusiasts. On the backend it uses an emulator called FBA, which was designed to run MAME games (actual ports of arcade games). It also uses a different technology to play P2P (GGPO), one that is supposed to be easier to set-up (no issues with routers, and no need to port forward). Recently it has been updated/upgraded to Fightcade 2, which promises many enhancements, specifically the addition of Sega Genesis emulation. On the reddit page for this project (it is in BETA as of Oct 27), I found a copy of the supported roms. NHLPA93, NHL 94-98 were all there, not to mention NBA Jam, Madden etc.. As it is in beta, it can only be tested by folks with older accounts (you need to register to play on Fightcade). Anyone here a member of Fightcade since 2014? We need a tester!
  13. jer_33

    Plablegs III Rules/Layout

    Sorry Brut, I seem to have corrected some of the problem - but a couple series were played even with a less than ideal connection. Unfortunately I am away this weekend, back Monday night - so I will have to pound out the remainder of these games next week/weekend. I'll reach out to all of the guys I've got series with, and work out times to play. Cheers.
  14. jer_33

    2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    Great stuff Raph, you did some great work with graphics and highlights. Thanks for putting this together. You really need to dump the robo-voice and get some NHL94 buds recording the commentary of the finals series.
  15. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    I'm in Winnipeg this weekend for my daughters swimming meet. Meet you half-way?
  16. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    It was a beer, and I still owe it to you. You might need to pick it up though. Ko94-Thunder Bay 2025?
  17. jer_33

    2018 NHL'94 Playoff Simulation

    Saw this on facebook, very cool. GO LEAFS GO!
  18. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    If you log back in, it should give you the option to view your bracket. If you cannot view it, it's not entered. (There is an option to "replace" your bracket - do not use it. If you want to tweak your bracket there is an edit button when you are viewing it. The "replace" option will start you from scratch). You can tweak your bracket anytime before puck drop on Wednesday. And yeah, GO LEAFS GO!
  19. jer_33

    Jer's 2018 Playoff Bracket Challenge

    Get your brackets in, I would assume that you have until puck drop on April 11th to complete your bracket.
  20. Was thinking about it this morning.. I'll get it set-up today or tomorrow.
  21. I've put together an NHL Play-off bracket challenge and will be posting the link as soon as the brackets are open. Free for all to join. League Name: Jer's 2017 Play-off Bracket Link: password: stanley
  22. jer_33

    Fightcade 2, promises Genesis support

    Just a follow-up.. it looks like the beta-testing is completed, and all should have access to online NHL94 play. The issue I have atm, is that the system requires a particular rom in order to play. Need to find that rom - or perhaps rename my rom so it is recognized. Need to get a few guys on in order to test the lobby/chat functions.
  23. This is no easy task, as players are injured and lines are shuffled all season. Corsica has a line generator that will show you the most frequent line combinations - but you'll still need to patch together the 3rd and 4th lines yourself (as there are a lot of combinations).
  24. jer_33

    Care and Maintenance of Original Controllers

    I don't think I'm OCD, but when I buy a second hand controller I tear it down, wash all of the plastic bits in soap/water, clean the board (particularly the contact points) with rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab, and replace the rubber pads. The one thing that will make some difference IMO, is if you pull apart the directional pad - depending on how much force you put it back together with, your directional inputs will be affected. I've had mixed results, all of my 6-button controllers are playable, but I do favour some over others. Not sure where I read it, but most retro gamers favour the "Made in Japan" controllers over the "Made in China" models.
  25. If you are not looking to play online (and I'm not 100% sure that it's not possible), but would like an inexpensive way to to play solo (or perhaps with 2-4 players) this might be the little machine for you. I put together a Raspberry Pi Zero W, a microSD card, a micro USB hub, and a micro HDMI adapter - loaded up Retropie, and was able to play all of my NES/SNES/Genesis titles on my big screen TV. You probably already own a microSD card, (something as small as 2GB would work fine) - it's going to be your "drive" and will house the OS/programs/roms. You probably also have a USB keyboard, and a USB controller. If this is all true, the Raspberry Pi Zero W is a $10 component, the hub actually cost me more. This whole rig is not going to compete with your PC gaming rig, but as a dedicated retro solution you can't beat the price or footprint (The Pi Zero W is about the size of a 4 port USB hub). If you have any questions about it, I might recommend you watch this Youtube video. The Raspberry Pi Zero W, includes wifi and bluetooth which both allow for wireless transfer of roms from your computer. If you wanted to really strip it down, the Raspberry Pi Zero is a $5 board and would do the same job. Really cool little boards.