New Idea for a 2on2 league

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Hellow fellow mofapes!

Everyone will or should agree with this: 2on2 is one of the toughest league to put on, mainly because it is really hard to schedule gas involving 4 coaches. Even little tourney such as the yearly 2on2 Christmas tourney were struggling in GPs, mainly because of this problem, but also because of a lack of commitment or will by the subscribed coaches. However, 2on2 remains one of the greatest asset of nhl 94 online. Playing with a partner and against 2 human beings really involves the game experiment and allows you to really feel the hockey game, which is one of the greatest team sports of all time. Seriously, what feels better than a perfect combination of passes, finished with a turific one timer in a 2on2 game? Nothing, this is the edge of being in the GA, this is where you can feel GA itself inside your body, where you can feel the HOKKEEFAN experiment.

In myopinion, the reason most 2on2 leagues failed is because of the fact that everyone was paired with a specific partner, which made it harder for everyone to schedule the games. Also, the large amount of slackers in those leagues or tourneys didn’t help at all either. Kupuck came up with a solution in his league, but personally, being in a 2on2 team with like 8 gas involved reduces too much of the personal accomplishment of great 2on2 games.

What I propose is a 2on2 league based on your individual ranking. You can play with whoever you want, against whoever you want, and you will get attributed points for Ws or Ls individually (im thinking 3pts for a W and 1pt for a L). The top 4 coaches with the most points can after draft another coach from spot 5 to 8, to create a little playoff tourney with elimination. At this part, it becomes the classical 2on2 way where you have a partner assigned, but here, only the guys who played lots of games and who were really involved in the season will get a chance to play, so I think
this could be a way to eliminate the scums and the slackers.

Simple rules:

  • Maximum of 4 games with the same guy, (otherwise, 2 good guys could just destroy everyone and complete their 25gps)
  • You can play as many games as you want, but you will only get points for your 1st 25gps. However, you can still be a legitimate opponent to whoever wants to face you.
  • W = 3pts L = 1pt

What you guys thinks? Is there some interest for this kind of s**t? I thought this could replace the unfinished summit or so…! We just can’t let 2on2 die O_O

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I only played 2vs2 once but I got hooked! I think this is a great idea! Count me IN the GA!

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Sounds nice, but for me there's just so much going on now. Blitz and GDL incoming. Having too much to play can kill the enthusiasm and make playing more of requirement, a necessity aka requires more effort than just really enjoying it. Also I prefer to focus on one or max two things at a time, still have Finnish "christmas" cup to finish as well, but it's done soon. If this is timed somewhere in between or after one of those leagues I'm definately up for it.

Another question is are 4 player games doable in p2p mode? Never tested it hosting for more than 1 people. If this requires a server then it's not very good between EU & NA (although I do ping something like 105 to New York, but New Yorkers would have something like 10-20 most likely).

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cool il post later tommorow, no subscriptions needed, you just paired up wih a gas and play some games, il keep a standing up to date and top 8 gets in little tourney :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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