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Why didn't you just pick Andreychuk with 2.1. I don't understand.

I was going to take him at 2.1 but I had a brain fart and went to defence but I can't score with Stevens like I will with Dave , I could've taken some light high rated guy but I had Gretzky Sakic and laf I think and can't remember who but the guy who had most pounts ever with him ....CRUSHED me in playoffs with big Dave n co and lost in 6 games

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To Hokkefan

Brendan Shanahan

Pick 5.4

(3 moves left)

To Freydey

Pick 3.24

Pick 4.1

(2 moves left)

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Hokkeefan trades

Wendy's 8 weight n shot power , andreychuk a11 weight 4/4 shot and 5.24


Gretzkyonacold for

cicc 7.14 , 10.11

Can someone do the numbers before I confirm this

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Ok trade update

Clark,andreychuk,5.24,6.1 for cicc 7.14,his 8th and 10.11

This is on hold right now. Depending on who's available when my pick comes up. Can someone confirm tho please if:

1) Hokkee has sufficient trades left?! lol

2) If the numbers say this is a fair trade? I'm confused as hell!

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HOKKEE trades roberts and 5.24 and 6.1


icestorm for bourque ,6.10 and 7.15[/size]

Confirmed 5/24 was malakhov and 6/1 Sean Burke

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hokkeefan last trade is clark and 9.24


gretzkyonacold for probert and zmolek

Confirmed. Nice trade

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Omg owned

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