GDl XII Draft Order - Final


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Below is the GDL XII Draft Order.

We have 16 returning coaches and 8 new coaches. The 8 new coaches I assigned a number and put them through a randomizer to come up with their position.

1 Jackandjose Colorado

2 skeletor New Jersey

3 LABS_66 Pittsburgh

4 jer_33 Toronto

5 Sicarius Fulgur - St Louis

6 brutus Chicago

7 kupuck19 Anaheim

8 Fitzo California

9 Houly San Jose

10 Uncle Seth Los Angeles

11 minpind Boston

12 BoKnowsNHL94 Hartford

13 Depch - Vancouver

14 Icestorm NHL94 - Edmonton

15 kingraph NY Rangers

16 Perfect Plabax Nashville

17 Lupz27 - Winnipeg

18 Freydey - Quebec

19 DonnyBrook - Tampa Bay

20 Texaspachyderm - New York Isles

21 JackVandal - Hamilton

22 Darko99 - Detroit

23 Skip - Minnesota North Stars

24 Jagr68 - Buffalo

Keep an eye out for draft start. Tentatively targeting Friday 12/5.

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Sabres please. Happy to be a part of things this season. Looking forward to getting my ass handed to me as I learn the ropes in my first real trip off the Classic ranch.

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