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There needs to be a cut off point with people joining causee...

People can come in all the way at the end and take one of the few remaining players and win..

There's no prize to be won, so I don't mind letting in those who want to join.....or rejoin when their guy has bowed out.

When players get eliminated, I record the date and the number of days they lasted since their pick. We'll have a second winner for the pick lasting the longest number of days if the two end up being different.

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I gave Jim Lang an honourary pick since he replied to my email in his blog.


From: Darrell


With Mats Sundin's retirement, only 22 players remain in the NHL that were in the greatest hockey video game of all time, NHL '94.

1. Rob Blake

2. Rod Brind'Amour

3. Chris Chelios

4. Adam Foote

5. Bill Guerin

6. Roman Hamrlik

7. Curtis Joseph

8. Alexei Kovalev

9. Slava Kozlov

10. Nicklas Lidstrom

11. Brad May

12. Mike Modano

13. Scott Neidermayer

14. Owen Nolan

15. Michael Nylander

16. Mark Recchi

17. Mathieu Schneider

18. Teemu Selanne

19. Brendan Shanahan

20. Darryl Sydor

21. Keith Tkachuk

22. Doug Weight

Joseph and Chelios appear to be the next to go. Who will be the last one to retire?


Hi Darrell, awesome question. Of course, when I think of EA Sports NHL '94, I always think of Vince Vaughn and Jon Favreau in the move Swingers; "I'm gonna make Wayne Gretzky's head bleed for super-fan No. 99 over here.” It is really amazing to think how many of these names on your list are still productive players. Guerin is fresh off winning a Cup with the Penguins; Blake, Brind’Amour, Kovalev and Niedermayer are still invaluable members of their respective teams. And Nik Lidstrom is still one of the most-respected and talented defencemen in the NHL.

As far as who will be the last to retire, that’s a tough one. Guys like Adam Foote, Mark Rechhi, Dough Weight and Geurin love the game so much, I can’t see them retiring until they have no other choice. But if I have to pick just one, I will go with Rob Blake. That guy is the ultimate hockey player and now that he’s captain of the Sharks, I don’t see him retiring any time soon.

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Awesome, yea he's right about the guys who love the game so much that they'll keep going as long as they possibly can.

Nice work Halifax.


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Now I'm waiting on Modano...

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I think a lot of these guys are going to get knocked off this off season or next season. From my own research, of the 15 guys remaining, 11 are UFA's now and the other 4 are signed for the upcoming season only. Brind'Amour, Hamrlik, Kovalev, and Lidstrom are all signed for the 10/11 season only. All the others need a new contract to keep playing. By the end of next season, everyone on this list could potentially be eliminated. I personally, would have liked to have seen Lidstrom sign a 2 year deal instead of the 1 and I would've had a better chance. He'll likely retire at the end of next season. I think that Hamrlik has the best chance of resigning at the end of next season because he's making 5.5 mill now, a pretty good player, and he's the youngest in this group at age 36.

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Darryl Sydor retires and Bam Bam CAmKneely is eliminated.

I took schneider for my 2nd pick.

Only 13 guys left!

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Kovalev should have more than this year left in him. I didn't realize Hamrlik was so young. Recchi should play another after this one (he is still so good....), but he is old.

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Didn't know we could do that, I'm sticking with feta cheese.

Yeah...since some guys were going unclaimed and there's no actual prize for the winner, I allowed other members, FPB, freydey and orangeblack to pick another guy after they were eliminated.

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Kozlov sign with the KHL which eliminates Freydey.

Only 11 players remain.

Although Guerin, Schneider and Nolan are still unsigned so that could be reduced to 8 if they don't find a team to play on.

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