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This a pool for fun and is open to ALL nhl94.com community members.

The forum member who's player is the last to play a regular season/playoff game in the NHL will be determined the winner and will receive all expenses paid vacation to hokkee's cottage.

The list will be updated every time a player has retired or left the nhl to play elsewhere.

list updated October 20 /14

1.Jaromir Jagr - Trudatman's pick

Sergei Zubov gone to KHL July 30/09
Jeremy Roenick retired August 6/09
Mike Sillinger retired August 26/09
Richard Matvichuk removed from list September 13/09 - hasn't played in two seasons.
Bret Hedican retired September 16/09
Patrice Brisebois retired September 24/09
Brendan Shanahan free agent October 16/09 - retired November 17/09

Joe Sakic - Evan's pick eliminated July 9/09 - 364 days
Teppo Numminen - nationals1's pick eliminated August 5/09 - 52days
Mats Sundin - Freydey's pick eliminated September 30/09 - 445 days
Curtis Joseph - The Russian Rocket's pick eliminated October 16/09 - 322 days
Michael Nylander - orangeblack92's pick eliminated December 14/09 - 130 days
Chris Chelios - Clockwise's pick eliminated April 7/10 - 635 days
Keith Tkachuk - The Russian Rocket's 2nd pick eliminated April 7/10 - 92 days
Rob Blake (Sportsnet) Jim Lang's pick eliminated June 18/10 - 242 days
Scott Neidermayer - Shaftman's pick eliminated June 22/10 - 711 days
Rod Brind'Amour - Halifax's pick eliminated June 30/10 - 720 days
Darryl Sydor - Cam Kneely's pick eliminated July 16/10 - 736 days
Brad May - Snyder's pick eliminated September 21/10 - 340 days
Slava Kozlov Freydey's 2nd pick eliminated October 9/10 - 723 days
Owen Nolan - dalstarsfan's pick eliminated October 23/10 -372 days
Bill Guerin - Egg's pick eliminated November 13/10 - 532 days
Mathieu Schneider halifax's 2nd pick eliminated November 13/10 - 120 days
Adam Foote - Orangeblack92's 2nd pick eliminated April 10/11 - 476 days
Doug Weight - beavers33's pick eliminated May 26/11 - 506 days
Mark Recchi - Wags' pick eliminated June 15/11 - 720 days
Mike Modano - redwingdevil's pick eliminated Sept.21/11 - 925 days
Nicklas Lidstrom - Dangler's pick eliminated May 31/12 1421 days

Alexei Kovalev - Dmac's pick eliminated Mar.21/13 - 1693 days

Roman Hamrlik - BobKudelski's pick eliminated Oct. 21/13 - 1929 days

Teemu Selanne - TubaHero's pick eliminated May 17/14 - 1812 days.

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I would like to participate, cooool

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sign me up, this may take a few years to complete tho haha

true..it will take a few years to complete....but most guys on that list are up there in age...the enxt couple years..guys will retire or simply be pushed out of the league....it'll be fun rooting for your 'horse' to win it. Also hokkee's cottage has 17 beer fridges.

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I'm in.

So what are the sleeping arrangements at the cottage?

you get the choice of top or bottom.......in the buck bed that is.

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I'm in. Hokkee start getting that place ready.

Btw... Straka is not playing in the NHL this season.

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I'm in. Sounds like fun...will there be Guinness on tap and pizza at every turn???

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I'm in. Hokkee start getting that place ready.

Btw... Straka is not playing in the NHL this season.

I heard the reports about this...and then strakas agent said it wasnt official...do you have a link?

I should note that you can still select anyone if you think they may make a return to the NHL(not that I anticipate anyone doing this but the option is still there).

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The Draft will take place on thursday july 10.

here's the random draft order...if you miss your time..then just draft whenever....anyone else in the forums may select a player once the draft is done.

1.Bob Kudelski 11AM EST

2.Thegr8199 11:30AM EST

3.Clockwise 12:00pm EST

4.SSIG 12:30pm EST

5.Newjerseykiller 1:00pm EST

6.Freydey 1:30pm EST

7.Mack 2:00pm EST

8.Dangler 2:30pm EST

9.CamKneely 3:00pm EST

10.Evan 3:30pm EST

11.Dmac 4:00pm EST

12.Shaftman 4:30pm EST

13.Egg 5:00pm EST

14.Halifax 5:30pm EST

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I'll go with Joe Sakic. Forgot that this was today, sorry Halifax!


hey no worries..i almost forgot as well...

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sorry didnt know it was my turn

il go with Mats Sundin

i guess hes not retiring :)

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  • 2 weeks later...

rucinsky is now gone...43 players left in the nhl that were there in nhl94....9 players taken in our hockey pool ...make your pick today!(see list at beginning of thread).

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