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  1. I am having so much trouble with searching RAM
  2. On the lines, you will need filler players on the team, but don't put any of them on a line.
  3. You have to have a least 18 skaters for the game to work well, I believe. But you don't need the phantom skaters, because you can replace the players with "HEX 0!!!" and the game will remove those players in those positions in NOSE.
  4. Boston Boy

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    These are some really cool hacks
  5. Boston Boy

    Some Sonic-themed hacks

    I'm doing a super Mario hack right now.
  6. One Question: Is it possible to change all penalties to penalty shots when an infraction occurs? I would love to know because I am making a rom, and I was trying to get all penalties to be penalty shots.
  7. lol I just asked this same thing like 10 min ago.
  8. Boston Boy

    Hacks of non-NHL Games

    TBH, I don't think very many people on this website that have other hacks. But is a great community and I love that and RBI Baseball.
  9. Boston Boy

    Florida Panthers PHANTOM Skater Simulation

  10. Boston Boy

    NHL 98 2017 (18?)

    Sorry for that post on August 14th! Really rude of me.
  11. Boston Boy

    Waitlist & North Stars

    No, I have never played online ever, I will probably check out exis.
  12. Boston Boy

    Waitlist & North Stars

    I just realized that someone already took the North Stars.
  13. Boston Boy

    Waitlist & North Stars

    I have one question. How does the summer league work?
  14. Boston Boy

    Glitch Goal

    Oh. Well , I just tried to shoot the puck, it hit off of Bergeron and in the net. I didn't know this glitch was pretty known.
  15. Boston Boy

    Glitch Goal

    This is the weirdest thing to happen to me in this game. I was playing as Boston on Skip's rom, against the Avalanche. And I took a penalty, which resulted in a penalty shot for Colorado, but then on the perfect frame, it gave them a goal. The video shows the replay and my annoying voice. mobizen_20180528_100214.mp4
  16. Boston Boy

    Eliteserien 95 & 96

    I have played Eliteserien 96
  17. Boston Boy

    Testing RetroArch for Online Play

    Awesome! Because of thios thread, now I know how to play netplay with other nhl 94 players. I will have a netplay server up later, my Retroarch username is Bruins Boy.
  18. It's NHL 94 styled. Its a fun little game you can play in spare time. I think everyone will enjoy this. Controls are on the "Instructions" part. HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT TIME PLAYING!
  19. Hello! Here is the third version of my rom. I have changed... Overall Ratings(I only did this mathematically, which is why Edmonton has a higher rating than Winnipeg.) I also only changed overall ratings, nothing else. Some Strips(Ottawa removes gold, others I don't remember) Ice is now white! I might change it based on feedback. Playoff draws are fixed! Edited Pause Screen a little bit. Time Options are now 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, and the code is 20 minutes I hope you enjoy this rom! Nintenda's NHL 94 2018 2v2.bin
  20. Boston Boy

    NHL 1990

    This looks like a nice rom!
  21. Boston Boy

    Out of play but not???

    That's really weird! By the way, can't wait to see your research results!