The 2012 SUMMIT SERIES - 5 Year Anniversary! SIGN UP!


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TBD Smozoma - #8 - R

I'm not quite sure which group I belong in either, probably A/B? Not quite A, not quite A/B..

I had the worst +/- among Canadians in the previous one, though. I think I play well with "A" teammates, but don't have the scoring ability to dominate an A/B guy, so A/B probably makes sense?

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Can someone send me the ROM? I was going to try to set this up today, but the PM I got earlier that was supposed to have the ROM attached.. didn't have the ROM attached :)

Can't guarantee I'll get it all set up today, but the sooner I get the ROM, the more I can do today.


I have it now

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The Summit site is up!

Go nuts with some test games and let me know if there are any problems.

If there are problems, please give me as much information as you can -- if there's an error message, copy it down. If there is a problem on a particular game, send me the link to the boxscore and say "Kane was credited with points but it was Sicarius on the ice". etc... the more information you give me, the easier it is to fix.


Don't play with the "GoUp OrCrash" type players. They are just there to let you know that if you keep going down the list of players, the game will crash. If you upload a game with those players playing, the game probably won't upload properly.

Ask around if you need the passwords. Each team has a password, not each player.

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Annnnd we're good to go

sprint to end of the year lets do this



canada: poutine

usa: hoagie



Can you post the official A/B rosters? Maybe we can put it right on the blitz summit home page.

GO USA!!!!! Hoagies for all!

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