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Et Tu Bruce Deuce: Team Selections


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Hey all, I'll be putting together the ROM for this league, so I'm giving you all a chance to pick whatever team/jerseys you would like (makes it more fun).  Here's the current list.  I'll leave this open just for 2-3 days as this is the first step in creating a ROM and I'd like to get that done for you guys in time.  So just reply on this thread if you would like another team, and/or any jersey/logo preferences.  Even better if you reference a previous ROM/season!

@Brutus - Chicago Blackhawks
@corbettkb - Dallas Stars (recently used)
@IceStorm70 - Edmonton Oilers (dripping)
@dcicon5148 - Florida Panthers
@AtomicRaven - Hamilton Tigers
@kylewat - Hartford Whalers
@aqualizard - Los Angeles Kings
@MikeGartner22 - Minnesota North Stars (2v2 style)
@spaceGhost9 - New York Islanders
@Lupz27 - New York Rangers (same from recent)
@chaos - Ottawa Senators
@chefsuperstar88 - Philadelphia Flyers (orangey!)
@skip - Quebec Nordiques
@angryjay93 - San Jose Sharks (classic)
@jackandjose - Tampa Bay Lightning
@jer_33 - Toronto Maple Leafs
@flatcrusher - Winnipeg Jets

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Thanks Raph.

can I please have the Edmonton Oilers and also use the Oil Drill bit Jersey’s/logo.  I can find the rom that has the settings for it.  Think it was GDL5 rom.  

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