GDL 5 signups (Returning Managers Only)

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Any GDL 4 manager may sign up here, the deadline is Friday night. Ill be contacting people as neccessary to make them aware of the signups. If youd like to change your team, go ahead and list the top 3 teams you would like, if not just state the team you are currently in possession of.

I, AJ will sign up for GDL 5, ill keep the Islanders for now, but that is subject to change.

Returning Managers:


Hokkee (VAN)

smozoma (TOR)

sebe (OTT)

Ensuing Fracas (LA)

Icestorm (EDM)

Swos (BUF)

MattHurray (PIT)

Wags (WSH)

jatakkunen (MIN)

vocallycaged (SJ)

minddefect (CHI)

xdeathbloodx (PHI)

freydey (QUE) taking over vacant team

bo (COL)

carse (STL)

sdogg (HFD)

habs (MTL)

jrodimus (NJ)

New Blood:

gr8199kings (Cgy)

donch (nyr)

evitagen (anh)

shaftman (?)

Metzgerism (?)

Dead Meat:






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Should probably fix the team home/away pp/pk advantage/disadvantage in the code before you get through all this (ask smoz)

scribe and i fixed it in the rom for GDL 3 and 4. all teams have the same.

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LA KINGS - Returning Coach

AIM EnsuingFracas

*NOTE* AJ can you please change my IM from KingsCupRun93 to EnsuingFracas for GDL or anything else NHL94 related. The draft site still is showing KingsCupRun93. Thanks

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hey i asked for quebec but i didnt know the habs we're available..if they are, could i have them?

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Wassup peeps. Just checkin' in. Donch gave me the heads up that shes starting up again. I'm going to have to sit out another one. Having too much fun right now.

what up dude ? Are you the new manager at the bunny ranch?

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