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    Hi All! I just uploaded the preseason version of this ROM. All UFA signings are updated as of today (9/15). I updated jersey numbers as well. The next version that I release will likely be the opening night version (like last season). Enjoy!
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    Amazing Game! The AI is excellent. Playing the computer is actually fun and somewhat challenging. The lack of manual goalie is made up for with amazing Defensive AI. They really clog the middle and while the deke is still a very good move it is not money or cheesy. They will often level you or force a bad shot. So much more of a Hockey simulation than any other version. Really has all the best parts of 92, 93, 94, and 95! Other awesome stuff, Full Season Mode, Ron Barr including speech, plus an awesome rink announcer, Anthems (no kneeling), USA and Canadian Flags, Back up Goalies Play, Varied and accurate center ice logos, Sound of the boards, goalie pads, sticks, pucks, etc...., better music, more dynamic and accurate crowd, guy blowing a single horn at times, Jumbotron including Fan Meter and other cool stuff, Ref retrieves puck and goes to box and signals penaties, calendar, 4 actual accurate lines, scratches and deeper rosters, 1993 season celebrated, Stars in Minnesota, No Ducks or Panthers, 3 Stars, skate out after being announced EA Sponsor, Shows total goals when a player scores for season or playoff not just that game, more accurate goalie pulls like when down 1 or 2, not just when down 2, visual line changes when players go on and off, dynamic crowd, announcement of 1 minute left in the period, so much more amazing game, an actual Stanley Cup presentation and skate with the Cup, Long Live DosBox!
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    Okay, so I'm an idiot. I actually own an original copy of this game! So I read through the instruction manual and there is no "A" button, just shoot & pass. You can also do the pull goalie thing (F9 team 1, F10 team 2), and "R" isn't pause, it's replay.
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    As the internal lead producer for NHL Hockey Genesis and Madden at Park Place Productions (owned by Knox and myself), let me clarify some things for you all here - read to the end to get the full scoop. I probably wouldn't have written anything here, but seeing my former partner Michael Knox maligned as a "black Bernie Madoff" couldn't be further than the truth. Quoted from Wikipedia: The point here is that both Madden and NHL Hockey, both great versions first on Genesis, we developed by a team. No one person deserves all the credit. For example, on Madden, Lyndon and Knox had previously published 3 football games - and in their wisdom, they recognized Simmon's programming talent and hired him, while teaching Simmons everything about how to create a solid football game - otherwise, there is no way Simmons could have completed the game on a new piece of hardware in 5 1/2 months. Seriously. However, to Simmons credit, Lyndon recognizes his innovation in developing the 3D view - that part was inspired by Lyndon's former boss, Scott Orr. Lastly, Rich Hilleman spent every waking moment near the end to fine-tune the play-ability of the game. So in fairness to the entire team, not a single member could have been omitted without the game turning out so well - that includes Michael Knox, Troy Lyndon, Jim Simmons, Scott Orr and Richard Hilleman, period. On the EA side, there was also the technical expertise of Scott Cronce (now Director, Software Development at Amazon) who supported us in developing one of the first Sega Genesis titles to be released. And I'm sure there were more at EA, including the team that created their awesome development systems. Now as for NHL Hockey, Lyndon and Knox are to credit for the innovative green-screen techniques they utilized (as do filmmakers today), but remember this was back in 1991. Those innovative techniques combined with specialized code written to assist artists in "roto-scoping" were responsible for the fluid animations which had never been seen before in a sports game. With that said, Simmons is to credit for the awesome physics built into the engine which gave the game such a realistic and great game play feel. But he may not have been able to develop it so quickly without Lyndon input as the developer of Capcom's Hat Trick hockey game, which he brought from the arcade to the C-64 and PC. Scott Orr may also have been involved, as was Hilleman again who worked relentlessly with Simmons in the final days before release to fine-tune the game. So again, without the expertise of every team member, no one can say with assurance that they could have built these rockin games, unless they have an inflated view of their capabilities. As for Mark Lesser, he was an unknown at this time when the first award-winning games (Madden and NHL Hockey for Genesis and SNES) were developed from 1990 through 1992. It is my understanding that '93 and '94 versions of both games were not new innovative games. However, they were clearly well-done derivative sequels of the originals which faithfully continued the legacy forward. Perhaps the most evidence we have about the uniqueness of this amazing team becomes clear when the moment EA cut-out Lyndon and Knox in future work, which they did with Lyndon's approval (Knox begrudgingly went along), this same team never worked together, collectively, again - and accordingly, never innovated again in their entire careers to the degree that these two games changed sports simulation games forever. I am forever grateful for having been on this team. Richard Hilleman deserves the most credit for having brought us all together. Had he recognized the importance of the collective parts, I'm sure there would have been many more hit games thereafter. Very kindly, Troy Lyndon
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    Hey Everyone, Just like last year, I am posting my "Way Too Early Edition" for NHL94 2020. August is very boring for NHL hockey so hopefully, this makes it a little more fun. Here's what you need to know about the rom: *Link for the ROM is below the in-game images. *The "Winnipeg Freeze Bug" exists on this rom as it affects all 32 team roms in this forum. *All RFAs, who are currently unsigned, are in the rom. I also included Joe Thornton, even though he is unsigned, as he is rumored to be coming back to SJ. *Each team has the same roster structure (like my regular season roms). Each team has 3 goalies, 14 forwards and 8 defensemen for you to choose from prior to a game. *This ROM is a “healthy/best case scenario” ROM. That means, most injured players are in the line-ups. I prefer it that way as it is more fun to play. *Line combinations (like my regular season rom) are two scoring lines plus one "checking" or "shutdown" line. *31 NHL Teams. *32nd team is a 2020 Prospects team (featuring Alexis Lafreniere & Quinton Byfield). *Kenny Albert serves the new “Ron Barr” in this rom. Any and all feedback is welcome and appreciated! Like last season, I'll likely do a pre-season version before posting a regular season version. If you catch any mistakes/errors, please let me know. Cheers! -The Sauce NHL94 2020 Preseason Edition.bin
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    Brackets: https://challonge.com/events/ko94_4/tournaments Stream: https://twitch.tv/settleitonthescreen
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    @JeffBC come to Toronto! See you Sunday!
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    Here's some more awesome retro video game artwork by Rachid Lotf.
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    I like it! Would be at least interesting to try. Penalties are *sometimes* random and it sucks, but to me it's another part of the randomness of the game, which makes it so fun. If there was a way to have this game have a "tournament" setting, where all randomness, boosts, momentums were turned off, that would also be interesting for the guys who want competitive play.
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    Always a bummer when the cpu gets you 2 in the sin bin for something that is completely off screen. Never a fan of playing enabled them for this reason.
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    too hard to enforce... but yeah the PP is a double-edged sword. In the Vancouver round robin video, I refer to it as the "power kill" because there were so many short-handed goals so on the other hand.. the penalties are pretty random, so the fact it can work out either way is maybe not a bad thing?
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    @halifax I just made $130 selling some of those useless Mcfarlane hockey figures. Would you take $130 for this copy? Nice little ROI for you bud. C'mon.
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    I will bring: 2 genesis consoles 2 SNES consoles 1 retro trio console (dual system) 4 sega NHL94 carts 4 SNES NHL94 carts
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    Home town advantage seems to be a thing, so I think he's got a good chance. But we've got 5 of the 6 finalists all attending, plus AJ and Raph, so it's wide open on the SNES side. Like 7 guys with a shot. EDIT: 8 guys, Jason To (IlivetoNHL94) was 4th in Toronto, but has a large inactivity penalty in the rankings. Sega on the other hand has the KingRaph-AJ duo who are head and shoulders above everyone else, at least in terms of event rating (1200 is perfect, ~1150 is "2nd", so both appear unbeatable by the rest of us. After that there's a kind of rock-paper-scissors thing between myself, corbett, and EA (corbett always beats me, i have had EAs number except he started beating me in exis so who knows now, and I think corbett and EA split games?), so it kind of depends on our routes through the tournament. Clockwise is coming and putting a wrench in the usual results - he's a Blitz champ so he could be anywhere from 1st to 6th! After that, though, I think it's incredibly competitive. Kevin Brennan was I think 5th in Vegas (so maybe I should be listing him in the 2nd tier above). Michael Sroka and Roberto Z made the final 16 in Toronto 2015. Jer just missed the final 16 with a 5-3 record (unfortunately got beaten 3 times by Roberto in the triple elimination! I may have not "cross-polinated" the bracket correctly). Trent Young has beaten both me AND AJ in Saskatoon (single games, not final result). Eric Lefaivre won the Hartford tournament and had a tough group in Vegas so didn't make it to the bracket. So while the right side of these standings may look a little sparse in terms of bolded players, the Sega side is still looking like a great, competitive field. EDIT: Also DPS is pretty good I think. Not sure about Mort. PS: error, it's Mike Norwood (SNESboy) who is coming, not Mike Viske
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    Relax, it's not like NHL'95 is in there or something.
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    Got to be a trojan horse of some kind. break it open with a sledgehammer and be ready to kill whatever is hiding inside.
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    Just let me know when and where to be on Friday night.
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    SWOS (Sensible World of Soccer) 2020 is coming this December. For those that don't know, it belongs in the pantheon of retro sports titles, right along Tecmo Bowl, NHL'94 and the like. Follow SWOS United on Twitter for updates.
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    This is the making of Micro Mages. Thought this was really interesting for those into old hardware:
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    They're back for the 50th anniversary!
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    We did a live premiere of our edited Genesis broadcast, clipping out the long pauses in between games. We had a good viewership. enjoy and feel free to share this with others. We'll be working on the SNES broadcast next so stay tuned for that! https://www.facebook.com/gbnhl94/videos/527204178034146/
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    Opps, wrong link: https://russianmachineneverbreaks.com/2019/06/14/the-vancouver-canucks-are-bringing-back-their-black-skate-jerseys-for-their-50th-anniversary/ The Maple Leafs are also having a 53rd commemoration jersey from their last cup in 1967! What logo they're going to use isn't confirmed yet, and they still have some kinks to work out. Looks great so far.
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    Alright, it was this post that made me think I should make them unheadered. So it's the same to me. Tush easily adds/removes header anyway, so that's no problem.
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    I've been trying to get NHL99 running on my PC for nostalgia sake, I used to play as the Nashville Predators and trade for as many local boys as I could. PC version had a function where you could be "in the game", using a scanned image of your face you could create yourself and map your face onto your player. It looked about as good as you would imagine a 3D player with a 2D scanned image for a face should look. Preds alumni and former captain Captain Greg Johnson passed away in July - had many great seasons with Greg as the league scoring champ. He was 48 years old, RIP.
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    I promised myself I'd never do another ROM project, but I have an idea and would like some feedback from the community. Many of the purists may be thinking that I'm messing with the Mona Lisa of hockey games, but I think an updated version of the game could be a good thing. Before I get started: no I don't think this will replace the original NHL'94 with all it's beautiful flaws. That's not the big idea. This would just be a twist on the original that could freshen up the game and be a lot of fun to play. Some of the adjustments / corrections to be considered: Player ratings predicated on member feedback. This would make this ROM edit more of a community project. Correct, expanded, post-trade-deadline rosters, including players who were not in the original game but should have been. Correct the uniforms with the help of my sprite patch: ECA/WCA, SJS, PHI, MTL, CHI & FLA, just as an example, are way off. This might not bother some people, but I'd like the uniforms to be as accurate as possible. My sprite patch makes this possible. Improved center ice logos Improved team-menu logos Improved splash screens, maybe. I feel it may be best to leave these alone, unless I can find the original splash screen photo and remake it for TM. Player card photo for every forward, defenseman and goalie. Updated net. Weight bug fix(?) Assist bug fix Separate (Y) button for goalie control patch (holding B still works, for those who've never played a ROM with this patch) Swap goal siren and end-of-period horn. I also feel like the banners and font can be improved but shouldn't be messed with. That's all for now. The reason why I haven't added a poll is because I like some feedback as to whether the brain trust, here, thinks this is a good idea, and if I were to start this, what exactly would everyone like changed. Really want to here from the established members of the community as well if it seems like a worthwhile endeavor, because ultimately the community will be playing the game.
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    There are several topics on this awesome game. Example: I started on a project to generate rosters for the game from real statistics and an NHL18 excel spreadsheet, never finished it up for release though:
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    Why would I want to play one of the worst games in history, all the way through a full season?
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    Here are NHL Hockey rosters in spreadsheet. Strange thing, Andre Faust had endurance as 390, I changed it to 75 (no idea what right value should be). Also, check Jarrod Skalde's attributes... did not know that he was so good NHL Hockey rosters.xlsx
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    The center ice logos were based off of the real logos and location of the center ice logo. I got a few GMs and a few 5 and GMs for Checking from behind Sometimes, intentional and sometimes accidental. NHL Hockey PC had more players. Pretty much every player that played in 92-93 is in the game, NHL Hockey PC only had 4 discs. I first saw this game at a local computer shop. The employee was playing it. I thought it was so awesome. When I did get it. It didn't work. I had to get a friend to fix some settings to get it to work. The manual also includes the Player and Goalie info and stats from the Official NHL Guide and Record Book for 1993. I still have it.
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    I use OpenEmu and wanted nice box art so I made this. There's the PSD as well in case anyone wants to edit the year, image, etc, later.. NHL 94 2019.psd
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    I hang out with Rob Ray on a regular basis. He is my best friend's next door neighbor.
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    It never works when I tell them I'm a 2 time 2on2 champion