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  1. I feel like @chaos  @smozoma @kingraph are deserving, but they've won before.

    @skip, @slapshot67, @naples39 and @The Sauce are deserving for keeping NHL'94 updated. Having 3 different versions of NHL'94 with current rosters is so awesome. But....


    Leo DiCaprio not having and Oscar is almost as bad as

    @halifax not being Bud of The Year at least once. For that, how your handled KO94-4, and 10,000,000 other reasons, I have to say, my friend, that you, @halifax, are Bud of The Year.

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  2. On 11/24/2019 at 1:48 PM, Xstioph said:

    *kicks a few cans* Hey! What happened here? Get this kickstarter going already! ;) No but seriously.. The amount of fuzz around this game nowadays is crazy. Most everyday there's references to it from official NHL posts.. Oh, just a season mode and some increased difficulty... *dreams*

    Nothing about what I said has changed. 

    All in good time.

  3. 16 hours ago, Brodeur30 said:

    You can adjust this further the problem is if you lower it farther than the setting I have it on you will lose the back of the net collision and the goal will not look as good visually. I think in actuality the top goal of the smallest goal is how it looks in the screenshot with the higher crossbar

    I'll take your word for it. A shinny style game wouldn't have any goalies on the ice either. If the goals are smaller it'd kind of end up being like a game of power ball from American Gladiators - if anyone remembers that - which I think would be really cool.

    Also, please post the values / offsets when you have time in the How-To, subforum. Thanks!

  4. Nice work!

    I've always toyed with the idea of doing a, 'shinny,' ROM. I believe there is a way to get the puck to stay close to the ice on shots that @Tony H figured out, or at least someone did.

    If you could make the crossbar closer to the ice, it might actually work with a 3on3 or 2on2. Then, use the titles (just copy the hex code) for the outdoor style game from the ball hockey hack and update the tiles to look like it's a pond.

    Wish I had more time because I'd like to take a crack at it.

  5. 8 hours ago, kingraph said:

    Live 2on2 is the apex of NHL'94 for me.  

    Does my heart good to hear the champ say this. I've always felt, in a way, like 2on2 was a my sideshow creation that needed to be kept in the dark. 

    The whole, pay-to-play thing will have to be up to Hali, but, as stated above, I'll bring whatever is needed. 

    I hope we can get 6 teams for each console. That would be incredible to see.

    • Will be creating a custom ROM with equalized ratings, containing all of the attendees for both consoles.
    • Plan is to have at least 2 consoles going, so, 8 players being able to play at once, minimum, to help speed up the tournament.
    • undecided on the # of games each team should play to qualify for the playoffs, but I feel like the championship should be first-to-4, best-of-7.
    • I will be providing the awards for all 4 coaches.
    • @corbettkb suggested having the SNES tournament on Genesis day and the Genesis tournament on the SNES day so it doesn't interfere with the KO94 bracket play. Which is a great idea and hopefully we can have more guys stay for both days as a result.

    Never to early to start planning. I already have my bags by the door.

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