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  1. i think a tourney would be great
  2. fun series with Skeletor. Hull had a big series with 11 goals and 4 assists while Skeletor was led by Modano in scoring but he just couldn't get it going for him. Game 3 saw PHI switch to kamensky at center and he had some success with that combination. After losing a close one at home PHI came back with a big win and included Hull getting benched for 30 seconds in the 2nd after missing too many chances. He came back in the third to make it a two goal game but then Skeletor went ahead and that solidified his first win. Game 5 at home was tight as well and in OT Hull put in a slapper to finish the series. The first game Skeletor had to battle the refs with all the penalties so that was hard to overcome. GGs bud.
  3. Even if you don't master the pass shots, as a novice in doing them there is value in knowing what it takes to set them up and which ones are possible. Then you can learn how to defend it especially if you are going to play in a season. When someone in a league first did that to me my head exploded. WTF was it that just happened!?! So yeah...
  4. I've had no issues playing locally on Win 10. i'll be on tonight if you want to try.
  5. sometimes it may be that people want to use different teams. i know I passed on Van for that reason. For those that have played more seasons that becomes less of an issue.
  6. How about your favorite second line then if you are not talking the best players? Id take an Adams - Khristich - Granato - Jim Johnson - Babych line. What can i say. i like the scrubs.
  7. I think when you have a dpad and two analog sticks, four buttons, and four triggers you feel like you need to put those to use. Then when you start adding combinations of buttons it adds another layer of complexity. I feel the beauty of 94 is its simplicity and all the ways people have found to put those few simple capabilities to use. I'd love to have the graphics and sound of the current game but just with a tweaked 94 engine. The only possibility would be a homebrew type option that someone posted about earlier. A corp like EA is not going to ever approve of that road map.
  8. Blitz B Preview #1 Wally vs #8 Skeletor/JJ I finished the regular season 24-8-2 and had the lowest GAA in the league. Hull finished the league 4th in scoring and goals. Hextall led with a 2.29 GAA. Skeletor finished at 9-22-1. He was led by Kamensy with finished 9th in scoring and then Modano chipping in. JnJ finished at 3-27. For him Russ Courtnall led scoring followed by Niewendyk and Bure but didn’t get the results he wanted with his speedy team in the regular season. In the past we all have all played each other pretty closely but in the last classic playoffs JnJ beat me up pretty badly. Prediction: Wally in 5 #2 Skip vs #7 Darko Skip finished 20-13-3 and was second in goals scored this season. He has the league leader in points with Joe Sakic and number 7 in Savard. Fuhr was second in save %. Blake led everyone in checks at 322. Darko had a 14-17-2 record this season and had the fifth leading scorer in Dougie Gilmour. During the regular season matchup Darko had the edge 1-2-1 so this looks to be a close series. In the games that Darko won he limited the chances of Sakic to four or fewer. If he does this again he can win this series. Prediction: Skip in 7 3 RoBro vs #6 Chaos RoBro finished at 14-4-2 with a great win percentage and second in GFA. Klima leads the kings and was 4th overall in Pts/G as well as Federov and Semak 10th and 11th respectively. Terreri was 3rd in sv %. Chaos was 10-9-1 this season and I am sure is sleep deprived so this is a good time to face him J. His offense led by Sundin was the 5th best in Pts/G this season as well as Bourque leading all defensemen in that same category. The shaky part for Chaos will be the Beezer in net. Lots of manual goaltending will be required for a deep playoff run. They didn’t get a chance to play each other in the regular season. Prediction: RoBro in 6 #4 Lupz vs #5 Jer Lupz had the second highest point total and the highest GF this season in B. The speedy sniper Gartner was 2nd in points as well as Gord Murphy leading all D in points and Suter led in PIMs. Jer played all his games and that is an impressive feat this season. In those he had a 19-22-3 record and was third in goals. His main man was Roberts who was 3rd in scoring and Jagr was 10th in checks and led the league in assists. Also, jer was a checking machine as his Dmen were 4 and 5 and his forwards were the leaders with Jagr at 186 and Roberts just behind him. (He had 4 players ahead of my first on the list). The season series went to Lupz 2-1-1 but Jer did have a big win. Last season jer swept Lupz in the regular season. Prediction: Jer in 7 Stats ​
  9. usually i have seen that as a firewall issue
  10. ive played it and it feels like a well i guess its at least hockey experience. actually rather play with skips rom
  11. Surely someone can help out the ruler of the wasteland
  12. Hey buds, let me know when we can schedule a time for us to meet up and get our Blitz games in this week. I can make myself available everynight except Saturday and around during the day today and Saturday. Feel free to contact me through here or IM Thanks
  13. When you have something of this magnitude and, though I was not there, I did not read any major grievances against the system and the fairness of it that tells you IMO to not make any major changes. I think if we do this tournament next year i was coming and had convinced my offline buds to make a weekend of it as well. As for the chicago mini-tourney that sounds like an excellent idea.
  14. to resurrect a great thread, ill give a highlight of the man http://www.tubechop.com/watch/6793256
  15. great goal?! ah. Rock Em Sock 'em 5. "Dougie Gilmour; Dougie Gilmour"
  16. Kanerrr; seems set on self-destruction and the good behavior of the last few years seems due to a tight leash.
  17. Anyone upgraded and played or experienced problems playing online?
  18. man, those are great lyrics in Agoraphobic nosebleed
  19. are you talking about if they have a pass they could receive and you try to speed burst and they are stuck trying a one-timer?
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