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Last Round! Let's keep it rollin' buds!

Pick List

Players / Teams Spreadsheet

Sunday (Time listed is the end of each half-hour slot; EASTERN STANDARD TIME):

Pick 1 : Icestorm - Michael Neivirth

Pick 2 : Kupuck - Antti Neimi

Pick 3 : Sicarius (from Robro) - Barret Jackman

Pick 4 : Jay - best goalie available steve manson

Pick 5 : Houly - Darren Helm

Pick 6 : TomKabs - Evgeni Nabokov

Pick 7 : batbl (from Carse) - Jean-Sébastien Giguère

Pick 8 : Dcicon - Jonathan Bernier

Pick 9 : Sicarius - Nikolai Khabibulin

Pick 10 : Robbie - Tomas Vokoun

Pick 11 : Alonzi - Alex Auld

Pick 12 : Voc - 3 PM

Pick 13 : Iceguy - Al Montoya

Pick 14 : Pearate - Jake Gardiner

Pick 15 : Orangeblack - Anders Lindback

Pick 16 : Carse (from batbl) - Mason Raymond

Pick 17 : Scott Clemmensen

Pick 18 : Bo - Pascal Dupuis

Pick 19 : Wookiee - Corey Crawford

Pick 20 : Plabax - Rick DiPietro

Pick 21 : Minpind - Hannah Barbera

Pick 22 : Raph - Bachman Turner Overdrive

Pick 23 : Witt - Brent Johnson

Pick 24 : Roger Schildmeijer - 9 PM

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Highest rated goalie for Iceguy - Johan Hedberg

Carse took Hedberg in the 11th

OK. He wasn't deleted off the list. Iceguy gets Al Montoya then

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Hey guys sorry I haven't been around. It was move in weekend very busy.

Johan Hedberg (G-NJ)

Hedberg was taken twice this round now. Gotta go with somebody else.

Sorry I couldn't run the draft today guys. Was real busy.

Plz check your teams and make sure you have the right players and the right number of players at each position. I've been heavily medicated for most of this week and I'm starting to feel good again.

Bay City Rollers select

Corey Crawford

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