2013 NHL94 Bud of the Year!

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It's that time again....to vote for bud of the year.

Previous Winners

2009 - Smozoma

2010 - Smozoma

2011 - Smozoma and NHL94Dan

2012 - Smozoma and Dadonch44

I've tallied all the votes (1)....and this year's winner is Kingraph!

Kingraph did a lot over the year, including the following

Helped commish for GDL and Classic
Got an interview rolling for joystiq

Organizing GENS ROMs

Help with SNES dynasty bidding process.
News article thread
Video for classic gens and getting started

99 min roms and savestate tutorials

Administering the nhl94 facebook fan page with plenty of updates.

Playing countless online league games for both systems as a regular and a replacement and always being reliable.

and the most notable....Claimed a world record for goals spread in a 10 minute period game (captured on twin galaxies)

Huge thanks to him for making the community as enjoyable as it is today.

A honourable mention to our super bud, Chaos, who helped create a player stats page for nhl94online.com which a lot of buds really enjoyed.

Feliz Navidad Mes Amis.

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Congrats Kinger!....Great dude, very well deserving

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looks like it is well deserved, familytree.

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Well deserved. Congrats King. At a time when the community is going through some commitment & demographic changes it's because of guys like you that the community will continue to thrive in the future.

Thanks for everything!

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congrats king, but i voted (as always) for dr pizza, which makes you half-bud of the year.

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....couldn't happen to a nice guy.

this is great.

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