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C Roenick
LW Lindsay
RW Shmidt
LD Manson
RD Bourque
G Esposito
x Francis
First Forward Sub: Francis
First Defensive Sub: Chiasson


(Change Teeder Kennedey to #9)

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DALLAS STARS - corbettkb

First Line:
LW - (12) Jimmy Carson
C    - (91) Sergei Fedorov
RW - (22) Claude Lemieux
LD  - (  7) Chris Chelios
RD  - (  5) Doug Harvey        ***Change to #5 (his# w/DET '66-'67)  
G    - (32) Tim Cheveldae 
X    - (25) Kevin Stevens

Second Line:
LW  - (10) Jean Ratelle    
C     - (32) Claude Lemieux
RW - (25) Kevin Stevens
LD  - (  2) Luke Richardson  ***Change to #2 (his# w/TOR '87-'91 & w/OTT '07-'09)
RD  - (  2) Luke Richardson
G    - (  1) Kirk McLean
X    - (22) Claude Lemieux

D   - (  6) Adam Burt


***Have an alternate #-ing convention to use if this is deemed unacceptable in which C.Lemieux [Change to #32 (his# w/DAL '02-'03)] but then would have to change Tim Cheveldae [Change to #31 (his# w/DET '88-'89)].  Either of these options are acceptable for me if there is a preference.

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LA Kings
C Lindros - #88
LW Klima - #85
RW Momesso - #27
LD K. Samuelsson - #28
RD A. Iafrate - #34
G A. Rollins - #23
x Clark - #17
First Forward Sub: Clark - #17
First Defensive Sub: Svoboda - #7

Other numbers (no dupes!)
F - Damphousse - #25
D - MacInnis - #2
G - Puppa - #1

Edited by aqualizard
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Edmonton Oilers

C Pierre Turgeon
LW Geoff Courtnall
RW Mark Messier
LD Jeff Brown
RD Eric Desjardins
G Chrs Terreri
x Peter Bondra
First Forward Sub: Peter Bondra
First Defensive Sub: Igor Kravchuk #61

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@Brutus - Chicago Blackhawks LINES SET
@corbettkb - Dallas Stars LINES SET
@IceStorm70 - Edmonton Oilers LINES SET
@dcicon5148 - Florida Panthers LINES SET
@AtomicRaven - Hamilton Tigers LINES SET
@kylewat - Hartford Whalers LINES SET
@aqualizard - Los Angeles Kings LINES SET
@MikeGartner22 - Minnesota North Stars HAS NOT BOTHERED TO SET HIS LINES
@spaceGhost9 - New York Islanders HAS NOT BOTHERED TO SET HIS LINES
@Lupz27 - New York Rangers LINES SET
@chaos - Ottawa Senators EDITED HIS OWN LINES INTO THE ROM
@chefsuperstar88 - Philadelphia Flyers HAS NOT BOTHERED TO SET HIS LINES
@skip - Quebec Nordiques LINES SET
@angryjay93 - San Jose Sharks LINES SET
@jackandjose - Tampa Bay Lightning LINES SET
@jer_33 - Toronto Maple Leafs LINES SET
@flatcrusher - Winnipeg Jets HAS NOT BOTHERED TO SET HIS LINES

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9 minutes ago, aqualizard said:

For LA Kings, I want Wendel Clark to fill in if any forward is in box or injured.  That is not happening?

(Perhaps I am misinterpreting what "First Forward Sub: Clark - #17" means? Is that only for injury?)

For penalties (i.e. "in the box"),  the other two F have to remain.  At least in a no line changes game.  If this were line changes, you can set your PK.

I will double check tonight and make sure that Wendel comes in on injuries, that's not a problem.

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2 hours ago, kingraph said:

I will send out a final ROM tonight with updated lines (and picture/music updates).  If you don't have your lines set, I will make them a default as best I see.

I just made final changes, hopefully I made the cut. You're the best Raph! :)

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