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  1. What's the point of all of this if we can't even test the game... Why is it so hard to make a new link with the 2KHS 0.5.1 version for PC ?
  2. Is your Saturn USB controller recognized automatically by retroarch ?
  3. Pearate

    NHL 87

    Yes, post it, we are always interested in new roms.
  4. Are you playing the 2-teammates mode online ?
  5. It depend what kind of hack you are looking for. Sports game and Online play ?
  6. Just discovered the site RetroAchievements . Did someone have a account ? You can find me under Pearate.
  7. Hi Everybody, Here you can find some challenge for NHLPA'93 on RetroAchievements
  8. But, is this a bug or a standard notation ?
  9. I have scored 3 PP The stats show 3/2 Is this bug known ?
  10. Nice, can you explain more about your collaboration with Stelex software ?
  11. I'm in, I play a test game or two this week, to see if my connection is correct