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  1. Pearate


    Great Roms !
  2. Pearate

    NHL 87

    Yes, post it, we are always interested in new roms.
  3. Pearate

    Playoffs - 2 Teammates issue

    Are you playing the 2-teammates mode online ?
  4. Pearate

    Hacks of non-NHL Games

    It depend what kind of hack you are looking for. Sports game and Online play ?
  5. Just discovered the site RetroAchievements . Did someone have a account ? You can find me under Pearate.
  6. Hi Everybody, Here you can find some challenge for NHLPA'93 on RetroAchievements
  7. Pearate

    Power Play Stats Bug

    ok thx
  8. Pearate

    Power Play Stats Bug

    But, is this a bug or a standard notation ?
  9. Pearate

    Power Play Stats Bug

    I have scored 3 PP The stats show 3/2 Is this bug known ?
  10. Pearate

    Swiss League 2018

    Nice, can you explain more about your collaboration with Stelex software ?
  11. Pearate

    2K editors, anyone?

    Can't find it. There is another editor by snowdrift for NHL 2k8 on PS3.
  12. Pearate

    Open NHL'94

    If you can read carefully, the tittle here is "Open NHL'94", not Plabax League, or Brutus league, VHL, or what ever you want. Open a new topic if you want to debate for something else. And if you have something constructive to say about the open project, you are welcome.
  13. Pearate

    Open NHL'94

    This was just an answer to McMickey, who wishes an emulator in a browser.
  14. Pearate

    Coach Mac's Historic Roms

    Great, what do you think about add a version number on the rom ? So we can know the evolution of them
  15. Pearate

    Open NHL'94

    I just discovered this already exist You can play a multiplayer online, use a joypad, and download your saves too We need to contact an admin from this site