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What is your age?  

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"Our" generation will probably never get too old to play games. I mean, it's just getting more and more common that people over 40 years play games. I listen to PC Gamer Podcast every week and they discuss this from time to time. I don't think there's much to say about it. People born around 70-80's grew up with games and it's just a part of our lives sort of. Haha.. Of course some grow out of it, some just run out off time for games. But I doubt I'll ever drop gaming.


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Xstioph, I think you're exactly right. Our generation seems to have done a pretty good job of dragging a few "just for kids" things by the ears along through life. Comic books (sorry, they're graphic novels now) and video games seem to be growing up at about the same pace I've been doing the same.

I mean, seriously, think about how much happier we're going to be when we're in the old folks home at 87, when we are perfectly happy playing some online games for a couple of hours, instead of sitting around watching the paint peel like what a lot of old folks do now? I'm not saying they're idiots for not playing games - if you didn't grow up on them, they're not going to keep you company when you get old. But I'm happy that as my health and faculties decline, and as my family gradually abandons me (I'm probably going to be a real a**hole when I'm old, so I don't blame them), I'll still be able to keep "active" with something I enjoy.

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I gotta be one of the elder statesmen here at 37. Never felt better. The whole NHL (91-94) series was a staple of my 4 years in college.

Noting wrong with gaming at this age :) Sides, keeps my porn time down to a minimum

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