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GDL the 13th Roll Call & Draft


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What's good... let's run the two drafts (GDL 13 and Blitz 11) together or within the same time period.

Post whether or not you will be returning and if you would like to make a bid for a team change.

Draft Order (all noobs at bottom, random order)

1. Thor & Skeletor (Most Anticipated) (CGY)
2. Lupz Poopz the Bed (WPG)
3. The Great Jagr68 (BUF)
4. CoachMac Gives Back <3 (TB) - will be replaced with probob
5. Jer33's Maple Tree (TOR) - will be replaced with hokkee
6. JackandJosé Marries Beyoncé (feat. Beyoncé Knowles) (COL)
7. Darko le Beau (#1 Ranked Romantic Comedy) (NJ)
8. Skip Gets a Snip on the Tip (Haircutting Documentary) (MNS)
9. Doug the Slug (CHI)
10. Tyrannosaurus Tex (NYI)
11. Pickin' Up Sticks with LABS_66 (PIT)
12. Jack V - My Time In the Caribbean Sea (Documentary) (HAM)
13. Whoa, Fitzo!!! (pornography) (CGS)
14. Sic's Gigantic (censored) :o (18R) (STL)
15. Call Me Kyle Once In a While (EDM)
16. Harri Potter and the Finnish Cherry (FLA) *Exceptional
17. Kupuck Loves to Duck! (ANA) - will be replaced with KG
18. BoKnows How to Use NOSE (NOSE Tutorial Series) (HFD) *Exceptional
19. Min and the Deadly Sin (slacking) (BOS) - will be replaced with HABS
20. Auntie Stephanie (LA) *Exceptional
21. Raphael - King of the Ring Rangers (HOT MOVIE) (PG13) (NYR) *Exceptional
22. Frey's Champ Camp Birthday Parté (Comes with Bluray set of GDL XII Finals) (QUE) *Exceptional
23. Me (NSH) *Exceptional

24. IceStorm (CBJ) *Exceptional

If you are on the waitlist or would like to go on the waitlist, reply in this thread. You can find the list below.

*In the case of a very skilled player dropping, a player of exceptional status will replace them, regardless of waitlist position. If there are multiple coaches in the waitlist with exceptional status, then the order on the waitlist will follow.

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I am in as long as I can get this Boot Camp thing working on my Mac.

I would like to be the Atlanta Flames.

Ok.. please try to confirm before the draft starts. You will not be replaced if you don't get it working by then. I say this because I don't want you to draft a team and then immediately drop.

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So if jer and coach mac are replaced, the other guys go to the end of the 1st round, right?

If it is done traditionally, this is correct, others move up and new ones get to the bottom.

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I do want to play obviously. But right now I'm having a couple very debilitating health problems that I'm trying to have figured out and fixed. So, if you don't hear from me for a while, or I don't respond to private messages, then you can assume I may be backing out of GDL this time around. So put me down for being "in", but check with me via PM often please in case something changes. Thanks guys. PS, a big thank you to TK & WITT for all your support to me lately.

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