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What Nhl Jerseys Do You Have?


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home Sharks no name

home Pens Lemieux

Away Panthers Bure

Home Panthers Bure

Home Minnesota Koivu

Vintage Quebec Nordiques Away Lafleur

Vintage Away Oilers Gretsky

Vintage Home Jets Selanne

Away/Home Habs Daigneault/Recchi

Away Helsinsky IFK

Vintage Away North Stars

One Home Jersey of the habs whore and signed by Maurice ''the Rocket'' Richard!!!

(remember for jerseys before 2000 hoem and away are reversed)

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Currently I have a Buffalo Sabres current home jersey - Maxim Afinogenov #61

and a Vancouver Canucks current home jersey - Roberto Luongo #1.

Very soon I am getting an Alex Ovechkin red Washington Capitals jersey. Surprisingly I have no Bure jerseys :)

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White Penguins Crosby

White Penguins Tarnstrom

Black Penguins Kovalev

Black Penguins Kasparaitis (autographed)

Red Russian Kasparitis practice

White Rangers third jersey, NYR and Statue of Liberty logo

Had a white Lightning one that got stolen, and a white Capitals one that I think I lost

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-canucks home(orca)

-canucks 3rd(orca)

-'hockey night in canada' jersey

-team canada - red (wore that to the world juniors in halifax in 2003 which was an amazing time watching those 21 games from section 40 row f seat 6)

My favourite hockey jersey story was when my older brother bought a chicago jersey and got Mike Peluso's name and number silk screened on it. He loved being rough with the rest of us playing ball hockey on the streets and wanted to add to his 'intimidation' factor. He was so proud of that jersey when he came home with it...

...Peluso was picked up by Ottawa in the expansion draft the very next day.

My other brother and I still razz him about it.

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Gretzky, LA Kings, Away (Pro)

Gretzky, LA Kings, Home (Semi-Pro)

Jason Jaffray, Manitoba Moose, Military Jersey (Pro)

Possibly getting Bieksa, Manitoba Moose game worn jersey that he just wore in his 1 game conditioning stint this week.

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- Felix Potvin Leafs Home white (wore it pretty much daily during 93 playoffs and 93/94 season)

- Shayne Corson Leafs Away blue (autographed - he's from my home town)

- Tie Domi Leafs practice jersey (its like some imitation crap from walmart or something my dad got me on year when I said I wanted a Domi jersey)

- Gary Roberts jersey, its blue, cant recall if that was home or away during that year... It's got the 'C' on the front, after he carried the team on his shoulders during the playoffs when Mats was injured. The idea was (and it happened all the time): somebody would say "hey, Roberts isn't captain!" and I'd reply with "ya coulda fooled me!"

I'm deciding if I want to buy a 93 Gilmour "A" jersey, or a 17 Clark "C" jersey, or possibly one of the vintage jerseys with 17 Clark "A"

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- MARK STREIT Red Vintage Montreal Canadiens

- Joe Sakic - Home Jersey Colorado Avalanche

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This video makes me laugh. I don't know, as a kid i never minded wearing other team's jersey, and actually prefered it. Just can't seem to like the Canadiens outside of the real thing (watching the games) Jerseys and Video games, my favorite are probably Buffalo and Edmonton.

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The majority of my jerseys doesn't have a player's name but...

Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (CCM White - Inaugural Season 93-94)

1997 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim #9 Kariya (CCM Purple)

1998 Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (Nike 3rd - White with green arms)

2006 Buffalo Sabres (Koho Black)

2006 Calgary Flames (CCM Red)

2006 Carolina Hurricanes (Koho Red)

1997 Colorado Avalanche (Starter Dark Red)

2004 Detroit Redwings #91 Fedorov (CCM White)

2007 Edmonton Oilers (CCM Dark Blue)

2009 Montreal Canadiens (RBK Edge Red)

1998 New Jersey Devils (Starter Red)

2009 Ottawa Senators (RBK Edge Red)

2006 Pittsburgh Penguins (CCM Black)

1994 St. Louis Blues (CCM Vintage White)

2009 Toronto Maple Leafs (RBK Edge Blue)

2007 Vancouver Canucks (CCM Dark Blue)


1980's Team Canada #99 Gretzky (Nike White)

2007 Team Canada (Nike Red)

2006 Team USA (Nike White)

2006 Team USA (Nike Dark Blue)

1996 All Star Game

Disney Jerseys ( :haha: ):

2006 Donald's Destroyers (Blue)

2006 Mickey's (White Buffalo Sabres Based Jersey)



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- Reebok: NYR, Jaromir Jagr, Blue, Captain "C"

- Reebok: NYR, Jaromir Jagr, White, Captain "C"

- Reebok: NYR, Colton Orr, Blue

- Starter: NYR, Wayne Gretzky, Blue

- CCM: VAN, Markus Naslund, Dark Blue

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Red Black Hawkes jersey

White Leafs Jersey

White Bruins jersey from the early 90's

White Rangers Jersey

Plus: Street Hockey Jersey (T-SHIRT) with my name on the back

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Canucks, Williams V 82 (away) Bure 96 (Home) A wings Jersey Ohlund Orca alternate and a Brashear Orca Away

EDIT: Just purchased me a home norquiqes jersey. Wendel Clark suckas.

theres a plus side to it my name is Kendall Clark .

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The Reebok Edge Montreal Canadiens Home Jerseypost-2596-1271220845.jpg :P Also I Had A Quebec Nordiques when i was 12 years old It Was The Away One Witch It was Baby Blue

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Penguins CCM Black Crosby with 2009 Stanley Cup Patch

Islanders Koho Orange Yashin Signed

Islanders Koho Navy Dipietro Signed

Islanders Koho Navy Peca

Islanders RBK Blue Tavares

Islanders RBK Navy

Islanders CCM Vintage Blue

Avalanche Koho Authentic Purple

Lightning CCM Black with 2004 Stanley Cup Patch

Sharks CCM Teal

Coyotes Koho Maroon

Flames Koho Black

Maple Leafs Koho Blue

Oilers CCM Navy

Bruins CCM Black

Rangers Starter Alternate Gretzky

Team Canada Black Alternate

Team USA Blue

Might get a Blackhawks RBK Red with 2010 Stanley Cup Patch if they win

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