Your '94 Community Career - Cool Things / Misconceptions

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Cool Things - Mine aren't too cool

- When I joined, the forum had a chat.

- I only knew how to One Timer and Crease Cut for the first 6 months I was here. I learned the pass shot and the other common scoring moves later. I played 2 Classic Seasons like this and averaged over 4 goals a game.

- I didn't know what GDL was until I saw the roll call thread for GDL 09.

- My first game ever was a 7-2 loss to Pearate.

- My first game ever against an "A" leaguer was against kingraph in the 2012 league. He won in OT 2-1 or 3-2.

- I knew NOTHING about player ratings until the GDL X Draft, just the weight and speed stat.

- I never B checked until this Classic season.

- The longest game I have ever played was a marathon Game 6 (13 mins of OT) vs kingraph in our Survivor 02 series. He ended up winning the game on the road to force a Game 7 in which he crushed me.


- I thought Carse's AIM pic was Carse until I questioned him.

- I thought kingraph and c4outlaws were the same person for a while... The thought just suddenly went away though.

- I didn't understand the username "BoKnowsNHL94". I had never heard of Bo Jackson until a couple of months ago. I had questioned Carse AND Bo if the guy in Carse's AIM pic was Bo a couple of times.

- I thought TomKabs was a big-time noob, I had never talked to him but he was on my friends list for a while.. Don't even remember adding him, this went away when Raph told me he was an "A" player.

- I never knew Zalex was french until a 8 months or so passed. It just never hit me.

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the chat was great. it was only here for about two years, I think. I was hoping it would break y'all of your reliance on America Online Instant Messanger.

I've been using this site for a really long time. if I remember correctly, we lost a whole lot of posts from the first year or so when the site/board went down or was corrupted or something.

my general reputation here is a misunderstanding.

that's all, for now.

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I first thought smozoma was a human but now realize he's a supercomputer.

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- This is more of a response to the OP than my own

- The forum chat was the reason for the site crash a while back, so that's why it was removed

- I joined the forums to report the one-timer stat bug , but didn't play a league until 2 years later! :(

- I remember that marathon OT. Plabax was killing me in our Survivor playoffs, really late one night. Then his computer broke, when he was winning late in the 3rd period of Game 6, up 3 games to 2. He would have won, but when we resumed another day, I was able to tie, force the super-long OT, win and then go on to a game 7 victory. I then lost to Frey in the finals

- I don't like losing to Frey in the finals

- I do enjoy bullet points

- The only reason I ever got better in '94 was due to numerous early exi sessions with Sebe and Zalex.

- They also introduced me to 2v2

- I wish there were more 2v2 addicts

- TK was so good as a "noob" that I was convinced he was a former player coming back under a new name.

- So was everyone else I talked to

- I thought Carse's AIM pic was Greg Raymer. I also asked him who it was, he told me, but I forgot. It wasn't Greg Raymer.

- C4 and I have our AIM set to text our cells. We're not related in any other way.

- 80% of my my '94 texts are from Halifax. :)

- I learned more about Canada in the few random chats I've had with folks from this site that all my years in the USA.

- My most painful loss was to IceStorm in the 2012 League Semi's. Swept in 4 games. I was up 5-3 in Game 4 with 40 seconds to go. Lost 6-5 in regulation. I was devastated.

- I don't know what else to say

- I can't stop making bullet points (see 6th bullet)

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- I thought Carse's AIM pic was Greg Raymer. I also asked him who it was, he told me, but I forgot. It wasn't Greg Raymer.

You're close. It's Tomer Benvenisti, another poker player. He was from the first World Series of Poker that they showed on ESPN and is actually even fatter than Raymer.


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You're close. It's Tomer Benvenisti, another poker player. He was from the first World Series of Poker that they showed on ESPN and is actually even fatter than Raymer.


I remember watching that and seeing him eat other competitor's poker chips during competition.

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- Found and Joined community in 2007 after hearing intro music on local sports station

- was part of a pretty good rookie crop - Sebe, Jrodimus and myself

- Best friend and big time exi partner early on in 94 was Jrod

- developed reputation as on of the better manual GC player early on

- Hardest defeat was to Carse in Blitz 7 semi's, up 2-0 series and 3-0 2nd period game 3. Sweep thoughts came into my mind, naturally blew it from there

- 2nd hardest was 7th game loss to Hokkee in GDL 8. Was a 1v8 matchup.

- Best series win was against KG in GDL season 7.

- I put to much stock into regular season record, lose focus in playoffs more times the I should

- Blitz has turned me into more of a one timer player then a Deker. First several years I was mostly dekes. Weight bug fix shifted that

- I enjoy full on rules leagues, with some of my better finishes in those leagues (2012 Champ, FinCup 2010 Runner Up to SWOS)

- 94 caused major rift in my marriage a year or so ago but have since controlled the addiction

- Nothing beats a beer and good exis against quality

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- My first test game was with LaRobbie

-First league was 2011 Fall Classic (22-18)

-same rookie year as Rammer,Sicarius,and wookie

-First league game was against sicarius, got my ass kicked 7-1

-eliminated first round of playoffs by Orangeblack ( took it to 5 games by taking out roenick game 4)

-most memorable win was against rammer during my second season (won 12-5) usually he's the one kicking my ass up and down the rink.

-Won gens c with edm as a replacement coach (against jaylighter420) who was/is the person I exi most with

-Can't really use guys with 5 or 6 speed(besides klima)

-Have managed to get the bruins so far in the 4 classic seasons iv'e been in

-I use a saturn controller and have the pass button mapped to the right shoulder button, A is X and C is still C so my index can stay on pass and I can just rest my tumb on the other 2 buttons

-Addicted to 2on2 and speed bursting (cutting back on the speed bursting)

-Learning that less is more with 94. don't over play, let the game come to you

-Whenever I have a lead on carse or raph, they tie it with 1 sec left and win in ot

-I really think that halifax is the Dos Equis guy

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- Joined community in the same month as IamFleury'shipcheck (EA 76) and Halifax

- My first exhibition game was a 7-2 loss to addisonbr, I was Dallas and he was Edmonton.

- My first league was Gens A fall 2006. I took over Toronto halfway through the season and lost to Hokkee in 7 in the first round.

- I drafted Ray Bourque with the 14th pick of the GDL 1 draft and thought I had the steal of the draft. :(

- Now I have my own section of the forum called "Building Lines with AJ," perhaps my credentials should have been checked!

- I displayed my Terry Yake fetish by drafting both Terry Yakes in GDL 2 and always starting one of them.

- I took the Kings to the cup against the computer with the penalties turned off.

- My main exhibition partners were scribe99 and icestorm when I used to exhi all day every day.

- I was known for my puck possession heavy and quick strike one-timer game.

- I was also known for having some of the worst GC control among the top tier players.

- I made Chris Kontos a thing in Blitz.

- I lost as the #1 seed to a #8 zalex in Blitz 5, my worst defeat ever (purely looking at seeds)

- I use the keyboard, I attempted to go to gamepad but found it too frustrating and stepped away for almost 2 years.

- I love the Sabres Dance song and would try to get that as my organ music whenever possible.

- I'm not from or living in Florida, even though most of the community used to think I was since I always picked Tampa and had a hard on for Kontos.

- I despise the pass shot.

- I was also known for being a cocky son of a b***h who would write posts acting like I was the best, when in reality, I'm very humble and would much rather deflect the attention to my teammates in real sports.

- These days I just want to play gg's and help cultivate the knowledge of the community to be more accessible to noobs and vets alike.

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-Joined the website in 2007, in a freekin 5 hours break at school, stuck 3 hours with a well known faggot (zalex)

-We were the french faggot new squad, FPB was another french rookie

-First exi was against an italiano dude named SebE, and i don't remember the score (probably because i lost)

-He told me i should play with a controller, i said wtga

-I was one of the worst 2on2 addict, playing late nights, mainly with jesus, habs, zalex and glen metropolite

-I introduced the new Ga standards in the forum.

-1st league was classic B or C with hum..mtl, beat flamingpavel in 4

-Dynasty was my ''draft'' welcome league, and just like aj, i thought i was a genius giving 15M$ to Ray Bourque

-Had no idea about the weight bug fix in GDL 6, so i picked Bourque again.

-Worst lost ever was to TK in gdl, I was leading 3-1 when everything turned wtga

-Biggest win ever was game 7 vs Flamingbure in GDl semi-finals, tied the game in the last minute when i was on a 5on3 pk, then won in ot (Housley)

-Biggest accomplishment: Bringing back hokke to life

-I don't feel the need to write my victories in my signs, cause french ppl are humble and good looking.

-I've never been able to forget the dirty pictures that Doctor Pizza posted in the forum, still troubling me in my sleep

-Really loved the pens vs mtl boards fights in 2010, hopefully we can get a leafs/habs board fight this yr

-Peace and Ga

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- When I first discovered this site last year and realized how amazing this community is, the Penisvania series was released. This couldn't have been better timing, it made me really want to become a part of this. This was also when I first became a Voc fan due to his superb on-screen performance.

- First exis were against Sebe. After a few beatdowns and me being in awe of his smooth spinorama's, he was a really nice guy to talk to, and told me he thinks I could be a top 10 player someday.

- I use the dpad on a $20 ps3 controller from walmart

- Best 94 memory is the night I played Carse in fall 2012 classic A finals and gdl 9 round 1 against fredey, 2 series' back to back in the same night. What made it even more amazing was that they both went 7 games, losing to Carse and beating Frey. This being Frey's said to be worst loss is my own best win, coming back from being down 3-1 against freydey after an emotional 7 games loss against Carse sealed my doubts and gave me lifelong 94 confidence.

- My worst loss is technically my 13 draft league finals loss to Kingraph, getting swept and only scoring 3 goals in all 4 games was pretty shocking. But I just count that as an anomaly as it was the only rom I've ever played where I couldn't do anything right lol.

-Most painful loss though was in game 7 of fall 2012 classic B finals against Plabax. Cameback in game 7 only to get the weirdest Russ Courtnall dagger I've ever seen. Most painful because it was my first league, and also since it was against my 94 rival Plabax

- I'd guess 80% of my total 94 games would be exis against either raph or plabax

- Favourite player to exi other than plabax and raph is freydey. Playing against his manual goalie feels like you're actually playing a real goalie who is smart with a brain

- Once let Robbie score 8 goals with one player on me in an exi. Don't remember who the player was, just remember Robbie telling me he thinks that's the first time he's ever had one player score 8 in a game before

- Favourite forum person of all time is houly. Reading his hilarious forum posts through the years is always fun, but all the aim chats i've done with him in my time here are even better for me. He is such a funny and awesome guy

- My top 3 aim message counts are: [Houly - 27,000], [Witt - 47,000], [Plabax - 50,000]

- I still look up to carse and freydey in a kinda boyhood hockey hero kinda way. It comes from the time when I first became super interested in the game, community, and forum history. Their dominance over the years made me wanna play them really bad (like how uncleseth feels now), so even today it's kind of unique and exciting when I get to play them

- I admire carse's style as I think it's the most classical out of all the top players. He's not onetimer obsessed, he's not passhot obsessed (not that that's a bad thing), he just likes to drive through the slot with his light guys. Also his goalscoring ability.

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- i would say beating aj in game 7 was my single greatest victory

- learning many different techniques from players around league

- making fun of keyboarders

- beating the finns!

- seeing all the different hacks and time people take making diiferent leagues is enjoyable

- Hokkee - nuff said

- f**k thats all i have for today

signing off the G.O.A.T

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Cool things:

- I never did "deke goals" until I started playing online a few years ago. Growing up, they were considered cheap goals by my friends, and essentially banned. All the goals came off of one-timers or rebounds or flukes. I'm still not too great at deke goals.

- I hardly ever play exhibition games. I only play about 1 exhibition game for every 5 Classic league game I play.

- I own a factory sealed set of the NHL '94 cards which I purchased on ebay for about $30. Maybe one of you was the seller??


I am NOT Bob Kudelski, although I did meet him once.

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I have soooo much to say about my long history with NHL94,from habs as my 1st boyfriend hehe, to playing in Snes A lg finals vs xot82 , or waking up the next day and seeing 1000 word rants that I posted during a blackout lol, or battling with icestorm when he got me booted from, to argueing with houly like he was my wife or the battle that freydey led to get me back into but just the experiences of playing all the coaches over the years was a blast in itself.

I would say more but you would never be able to read it anyways.
I guess you will have to wait for the book.

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- found the site because i was friends with soh. one day i saw him with the 94 homepage open on his laptop and asked him about it.

- the best 94 days for me were the weird trips over to carse and bo's in the middle of night one summer, where we'd watch ytmnds and play 94

- i went on a long hiatus after, in the 09 spring classic c/d semi-finals, wags tied our series 3-3 after he came back in game 6 because of this insane goal: he accidentally shot the puck from behind his own net, it went all the way across the ice, over my net, off the boards, then off the back of my goalie's head and into the net. it is by far the craziest goal I have ever seen. After that game, I smashed my controller with a baseball bat and didn't finish the series.

- accomplishment i will always be most proud of on 94:

- technically, my rookie class would be redwingdevil, wagsth, and donnybrook, although that seems weird since I went on long hiatus and was like a rookie all over again

- best part of 94 has always been the weird ass conversations with 2on2 players at like 2am. lot of crazy ones with jesus-- he had craziest stories-- and sebe and co.; & even more crazy ones over the last year or so

- free houly

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I have soooo much to say about my long history with NHL94,from habs as my 1st boyfriend hehe, to playing in Snes A lg finals vs xot82 , or waking up the next day and seeing 1000 word rants that I posted during a blackout lol, or battling with icestorm when he got me booted from, to argueing with houly like he was my wife or the battle that freydey led to get me back into but just the experiences of playing all the coaches over the years was a blast in itself.

I would say more but you would never be able to read it anyways.

I guess you will have to wait for the book.

plz write this book

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-Found the site earlier this year, played my first game with C4outlaws, he crushed me by 10 goals or so but he was really helpful and gave me lots of pointers which made me want to keep playing. Manual goalie blew my mind.

-I always play exi's with oilers442, grayto, and pondhcky. Those guys all rule and I've had a lot of amazing games with all of them, they've helped improve my game immensely

-I made it to the semi's of SNES B in my first official league season, lost in 7 games to that unstoppable goal scoring bastard annatar. If that guy isn't in A next year then something is wrong.

-I want to mail kingraph a box of my dogs s**t a thank-you card for coming into my classic league as a replacement and ruining my 22 game winning streak in the last game of the year. PM me your mailing address anytime bud!

-I beat someone named Jed2491 (I made those numbers up but it was 4 random digits) by a score of 16-1 during classic and I believe he retired after that game. I still feel bad about it and wish he'd come back.

-I once scored 8 goals with Eric Lindros against oilers442 in one exi game, this happened a few months after he dropped 9 on me with Big E.

-I'm a part of the gens 2v2 group on AIM and am not really sure why since I only ever play SNES. GENS netplay is a laggy mess for me but I do like coming into that chat and sharing weird stories from my childhood. It's usually just me at 2AM telling Wittgenstein about how I saw a 117 year old man both alive and dead or how I smoked dope with my youth hockey coaches.

-this site is amazing and I thank Roenick every night that I stumbled upon it!

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-Joined nhl94 this past January.

-My first 3 exi competitors were plabax, tomkabs and kingraph. All were very welcoming and then crushed me. I had never seen a pass goal(except accidental ones) and these guys gave me a crash course.

-I had never played a human either before joining this site. This probably explains my horrible manual goalie play.

-I absolutely love playing in leagues and join as many as possible.

-Exi with plabax more then any other. You'd think this would improve my game but it doesn't.

-Love reading forum post cause most of you guys are pretty funny.

-Wish my wife understood my 94 addiction so I could play more.

-Contrary to my username, I'm not a big drinker.

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More notes on my '94 career:

- Iceguy94 (RedWingDevil) confirmed my test game for Spring'11 Classsic
- Rookie class included ProBob, LA Robbie, and eggink. Used DAL and lost 7 game thriller to eventual champion Comeback_King (CHI)
- I hate CHI in Classic
- After getting schooled by Smozoma's Candadiens, we chatted after the game and he opened my eyes to the depths of the '94 world (weight bug, player ratings, AJ lines, Blitz League, etc).
- I stayed up late that night reading through the forums
- As mentioned, I ended up playing a bunch of exis with Sebe (the legend) and he got me into 2v2.
- Sebe's behavior in playing and encouraging new guys is something I try to emulate. I personally found it to be the most helpful getting me comfortable in the community.
- I wish b-check and pass shot didn't exist, but they do, and I must use them.
- I always say yes to exis, regardless of who asks, unless I am about to pass out or just can't play.
- I only play SNES as a classic replacement because Halifax is a good bud like that.
- While 2012 League loss to Ice was most crushing, most disappointing was Blitz 07 final loss to Frey. Just thought I had it that season.
- I always hope for the return of Jesus to '94
- Ran 2 seasons of the Survivor league, which was well received. Was happy to give something positive back to the community!
- I've been thinking of writing a strategy guide for 2 years. I think it'll get it done soon.
- Pretty sure if online '94 existed when the game came out, I would not have graduated college
- I haven't purchased a console since Genesis (see above)
- I broke the "World Record" in '94 like a year and a half ago, but TwinGalaxies still hasn't verified it. Should be soon though, lol.


- I thought JayLighter's name was Jay.
- When someone first said they were using keyboard, I thought they were joking
- Thought there were 100's of '94 players playing exis all the's more like 5

All married buds:

-Wish my wife understood my 94 addiction so I could play more.


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- Played my first SNES online game vs c4outlaws in December of 2010. I was WPG and I think c4 used QUE. Scored my first goal off the first faceoff on my first shot. The player was Alexei Zhamnov. I said to myself, "like taking candy from a baby." Went on to lose that first game 7-2 and didn't register a win until my 5th or 6th online game!

- My most played exhib bud over the last number of years has been cjgarnet. I kept a spreadsheet of our exhib series/games and I'm pretty sure we were at the 200-300 game mark or higher considering we also played a lot before I created the spreadsheet. I think my winning % against him ended up around .510 (making his .490; almost dead even!!). Notable matchups included (my team first in each pair): EDM/HFD, WPG/NYR, DET/PITT, WSH/CHI. Cj has since disappeared and I'm not so sure he'll be back anytime soon...thanks for the memories bud!

- Though I've had several tips shown to me over time by other players, Grayto has undoubtedly taught me the most about this game. Defensively, I've always played a very conservative style that has remained unchanged over the years. At one time, I was almost clueless offensively about ways to attack and beat different defensive systems. After a major thrashing by Grayto in the Spring of 2011 that ended up symbolically ending a near 50 game losing streak to him, he gave me a few simple pointers about passing and the mindset to have when passing to players on the ice. As time went on, my offensive attack transformed dramatically as he gave me further tips to continue to enhance and modify my play style. To this day, I'm extremely grateful for Grayto's help as I wouldn't be half the player I am right now. Thanks bud!!

- I believe I was the first "rookie" to ever make his classic league debut in SNES A (someone correct me if this is not accurate). I was originally slated to debut in the Fall 2011 SNES B league with the Winnipeg Jets but my internet connection situation at my college apartment didn't work out and I had to pull out immediately. After I finally graduated, I registered to play in the Fall 2012 classic league and was originally assigned to SNES B. However, after playing exhib games for almost 2 years at that point and being able to defeat the best and most skilled players on a fairly regular basis (and with a classy gesture by NHL94Dan in dropping his A league spot), I was allowed into A despite never playing a single classic league game at that point! I went 31-9 with the Washington Capitals and lost in the first round of the playoffs that season guessed it.....cjgarnet and the Chicago Blackhawks (see above).

- Using the 'mid-tier' Edmonton Oilers (statistically the weakest team in the Spring 2013 SNES A league), I won the most games in the regular season and earned my 2nd straight #1 seed for the playoffs. Took the team all the way to the Eastern Conference finals before bowing out to Bo and the Buffalo Sabres. Though that series loss still stings, the season as a whole is still my proudest accomplishment to date in my '94 career.

- It is my belief that Craig Simpson is the most underrated player in all of SNES NHL 94. #Simpson3:16.... #4 scorer in the Spring 2013 SNES A league at a mere 71 overall compared to the likes of Lemieux, Yzerman, Mogilny, etc....

- I NEVER use the Pittsburgh Penguins. I hate Mario Lemieux and his band of fellow starters all being 204+ lbs yet athletic at the same time. Simply put, the Pens are a nightmare to play against on the SNES. Oddly enough, this fact completely pushes me away from using them despite the fact that having them in the SNES classic league secures a huge advantage in route to attempting to win a league championship.

- Lastly, but certainly not least...the Fall 2013 SNES A league will be my final season for NHL 94 online. After Fall 2012, I was more or less finished with playing the game. However, Grayto convinced me to stick around for another little while due to 2013 being the 20th anniversary of the game. I obliged and have been happy to have played a minor role in the 20th anniversary of this amazing game. For Fall 2013, I am dead set on using the Edmonton Oilers one final time and hopefully making one final push to being an A league champion before all is said and done!

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- joined the site in 2009, but didn't play in my first classic until 2012

- was thrilled to have gotten the Leafs, but suffered though a tough season

- met a lot of great people on this site, most of which play 2v2

- gotta say, not much beats some league play or 2v2 with a couple beer and hockey highlights on in the background.

- have played many exis with plabax, tomkabs, coach ('93), jackandjose

- am convinced that there is a secret '94 cheat to win face-offs and score that I haven't been let in on, haven't learned the secret handshake yet

- I'm a draft-o-holic, and have all of the spreadsheets to prove it

- Truly appreciate all of the hard work that has gone into keeping these leagues and community alive, always willing to help, and share what I can

- Have my gmail open at work most of the time, absolutely love when guys message me asking for exis in the middle of the day, sheeet.

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- found the site when SOH was playing 94 in the library in 10th grade

- I had never played 94 before the site, grew up on 96

- First lg took over as a replacement coach with washington, came back on HABS 2-0 series then got raypon'd by jesus I think

- Master of the crease cut, although I have laid off of it lately

- proceeded to convert from keyboard, but I still will play some lg games w keyboard to give opponent a different look

- Freydey had knocked me out of every season that I haven't won of the big three leagues (blitz, gdl, classic) since 2009 until tomkabs in GDL.

- That's 7 seasons of classic, (4-3) 3 seasons of GDL (1-2) and 6 seasons of blitz (2-4)

- I hate Freydey ^_^ but if it wasn't for him I would have retired from boredom

- Best win was sweeping Jesus in Blitz 04 while outscoring him 23-7

- Proudest moment is being the only player to hold the GDL, Blitz, and Classic titles at the same time

- Smoz improved my game the most out of anyone in the community

- Not sure who was in my rookie class

- Never got into 2on2, partner TOO DAMN HIGH

- Not sure what my GC reputation is, but probably average at best

- I luv mashing C checks in every league possible

- most exhis (when i used to play exhis) vs houly (when he wasn't acting like an infant

- I put my wins in my sig because im a big sexy american who wears his track record on his sleeve

- Still butthurt about not getting Jeff Norton in GDL.

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- there was this new thing called kaillera netplay for gens emulator, so we decided to try playing some old games with it online with my friend onlainari. We were surprised how well it worked and NHL '94 became the game to play. This was March/April 2001

- first league was organized by onlainari in May 2001. We found the players to the league from his friends and from a small ircnet community of online players of latest NHL games. 8 players participated. This group turned into group of NHL '94 fans. NHL '94 commmunity was born. First ever NHL'94 online league was won by Depch.

- Mahavishnu, who dominated the regular season (27 wins in 28 games if I remember correctly) didn't participate to playoffs due to having to go visit his relatives. I started the league with 56k modem and struggled to compete against others who had new ADSL connections. Ping difference in servers was like 175 to 30. I got new ISDN connection for the playoffs and it made all the difference when I got 99 ping to the server. I managed to get 2nd in the league. Another notable rookies were onlainari Mahavishnu and Depch.

- I organized a new league in summer 2001. This time I invited 4 of my friends to participate. We got 11 players in the league. One of my friends, Pete, won the league and beat Depch in finals. Pete won his 3 first leagues he played.

- Pete's little brother ILU, who I consider the most talented player I have ever seen always came up with new ways to score. He brought pass shots to the NHL '94 scene which he had used alot in the PC NHL95 game he used to play.

- I was a gamepad player and when I found out all the best players in the community were keyboard players, mostly due to their background of playing PC NHL95. These players included Pete, ILU, Mahavishnu and Depch. I decided to start playing with keyboard from that point on.

- 3rd league had 13 players. This time it was Mahavishnu's turn to win. Mahavishnu also won 4th league. Pete won 6th and 7th.

- in 2002 the checksum fix was found (I can't remember who. maybe Don). This allowed the game to be edited. We started doing our updated NHL roms with Mahavishnu. He did the rosters and kept them up to date and I did the graphics.

- from our 6th league and onwards we only used updated roms to play our leagues

- the rules in our leagues were always lines on penalties and offsides on. No exceptions.

- I finally managed to win 8th league in the beginning of 2003 after being in the finals 4 times before

- 8 leagues were played in 2003. I won all 5 leagues I participated in. I was Buffalo Sabres in all of them. We also won 2vs2 league with Pete.

- I played my best NHL'94 hockey in 2003 and 2004. I won 8 leagues. After that I only participated to every 2nd or 3rd league, and wasn't as active as before. I seriously think 2004 me would easily beat 2013 me in a playoff series. There isn't any new tricks other than weight bug and those tricks were done lots better back then.

- new Finnish star Wayler won many leagues from 2005 to 2007. He and his brother Olliz were SNES players but played genesis as no one else was interested playing SNES NHL '94. I think they would play very good in SNES NHL '94 leagues.

- We had couple of visitors from North America and tickenest even played in some leagues. some guy called kgman visited our ircnet channel sometime 2005 perhaps and we played against eachother and I was very impressed and excited such good players came from North America. I think we split our wins at that time but I remember we struggled to find decent servers we could play in equal terms.

- was published in 2005.

- first North American NHL '94 leagues were played in 2005/06. I didn't want to participate in them as I would have propably have to play in american servers with 125-150 ping and I wasn't actively playing NHL '94 anymore.

- first GDL season was played in early 2007. I didn't know about the league until I saw kgman won season 3.

- in 2007 P2P kaillera was done. It allowed me to come play in North American leagues.

- I signed up for GDL 4.

- in my first season I came 2nd in my conference only to meet 7th slacker kgman. In what I think was one of my most enjoyable playoff series I lost 4-2 (

) I phoned him after the series to congratulate him.

- I won GDL season 5. Against Carse in round 3 I was down 3-1, but I won the series in 7. That's propably my best comeback in playoff series.

- coming to North American leagues was in many ways like going to NHL from here. The game is faster and more straightforward as there are no rules or line changes. I still think Finnish players were overall better than North American players back in 2009. AJ was like Mahavishnu of america, and Wayler was like Carse with Freydey's manual skills. And Pete could really win any league if he just wanted to.

- in 2009 I got married and in the same month I lost Finnish league finals in game 7 overtime, against my best man (Pete). I scored own goal with Teppo Numminen.

- I took over GDL for season 6 and was commissioner for few seasons. During my zero tolerance policy there were some minor incidents but games were always played in time.

- after GDL 5 I haven't had any notable success in NHL '94, apart from winning Blitz season 5. It was the only season I have ever played Blitz. I didn't like the drafting in the league. I started to build my team from scratch and my 1st overall pick was somewhere 40th overall. During that season we played one 11-10 OT game with zalex (


- for few years I have only really played GDL. after sometimes even a year between seasons it makes it hard to come back to the top again.

- I really think I'm great at manual goalie, but high latency games doesn't suit my reaction based style at all. It's very different to play against other Finns with basically no latency at all.

- On the other hand higher latency and straightforward game suits my offensive style much more.

- I think kgman is the best NHL '94 player ever with me being close 2nd.

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I remember watching that and seeing him eat other competitor's poker chips during competition.

To be fair, they are chips. Probably some relationship to potato chips, right?

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-rookie class included kingraph, robbie, eggink, and the defunct but memorable comeback king and stonecoldleap

-the legendary danlizhot played me in my test game

-first exis were against egorde (where did all these guys go?!)

-being a big Pens fan, I took Pittsburgh my first season despite Bo warning me not to... I did it anyhow being that no bug was gonna scare me away

-I went 9-31 that season and still have nightmares about it today

-In my last game that season, however, I beat RWD's Blackhawks (who finished 35-5) on a penalty shot in OT. That game, in some ways, inspired me to become an active member of this site.

-My exi sparring partner historically has been Robbie. This formed a pretty good rivalry when it came to league games.

-My first playoff series came in the Gens '11 league against kupuck. he won it in 6 in a spirited battle.

-my career playoff record against wookie is 1-8... the last of which was my toughest loss in game 5 of the blitz 7 semi's. game was pretty epic tho.

-biggest win also came in blitz 7, this in the quarterfinals in game 6 against sicarius. completing a 1st round upset as a 7 seed after it seemed he was destined to overcome a 3-0 series deficit.

-My postseason history is too disgusting to talk about

-On aim once I received a message from some halifax guy telling me to vote for '94 in some poll. he referred to me as bud numerous times and I was very confused

-I eventually saw the light and now embrace "bud" in it's entirety

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